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Room 3, 29 St James
Department of Computing
Goldsmiths, University of London
New Cross
London SE14 6NW
United Kingdom

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Other affiliations

Associate Editor for Art and Perception (since 2012)

Associate Editor for The Visual Computer journal   (since 2009)

Adjunct Professor of Engineering, Brown University  (2007-9)

Academic qualifications

Ph.D., Brown University, Engineering, 2003.

M.Eng., McGill University, Engineering, 1991.

B.Eng., Polyetchnique, University of Montreal, Electrical Engineering, 1986.



MSc Computer Games and Entertainment (CGE):

MSc CGE teaching : Maths and Graphics modules (2008-10)

MSc Arts Computing --> MFA Computational Studio Arts:
(from 2004 until 2007)
Lecture Notes on Arts Computing (2004-08) (since 2007, Prof. J. Jefferies, Dr. Mick Grierson)

MSc AC teaching: Arts Computing 101 (2004-8)


Areas of supervision

3D shape representation in computer vision and perception, computational geometry, architectural information systems, information visualisation and arts computing in general.

Presentations and exhibitions

AIkon at the Kinetica Art Fair, London, February 2010 and 2012.

More exhibits linked to AIkon on our project website:

A detailed list of seminars, talks, visits is available here.


Grants & awards

Recent grants:

  • BBSRC - DockIt : PI for Goldsmiths, joint project with Imperial College (Life bioscience group lead by Prof. Michael Sternberg): Oct. 2013 - end of 2016.
  • EU - FP7 - CEEDs, leading the computing effort at Goldsmiths ( : Sept. 2010-14
  • UK - TSB - ProGen, collaboration of Rebellion inc., UCL/CS, Goldsmiths/Computing, co-lead for Goldsmiths with Prof. W. Latham : Jan. 2009-2013
  • UK - Leverhulme Trust - AIkon, co-lead with Patrick Tresset, at Goldsmiths ( : Jan. 2009-2012
  • UK - ITI Techmedia (Scottish Enterprise) - Procedural modeling for in-games content creation, co-lead with Prof. W. Latham : 2007-9

Professional activities

"Enhancing Employability --- The Importance of the University-Industry Collaboration", by W. Latham and F. F. Leymarie, Huffington Post, UK Tech section (February 28, 2012).

Keynote lectures

Recent keynote lectures

  • Drawing in the University today: "Walking along the edge: Drawing, Computing, Robotics and Perception", Porto, Portugal (June 1, 2013).
  • Laval Virtual: "Walking along the edge: Computing, games, robotics and art", Laval, France (March 29, 2012).
  • NPAR keynote: "Art, Computing and Perception: exploring creative processes" --- SBIM-NPAR 2010, Annecy, France (June 7-10, 2010).
  • "Future of New Media and the Arts" --- Expanded Play, Pablo Gargallo Museum, Zaragoza, Spain (April 14, 2010).



Recent conferences

IVA 2013: 13th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents, Edinburgh, UK, August 29-31, 2013.


CAe 2012: International Symposium on Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization, and Imaging, ACM & Eurographics, Annecy, France (June 4-6, 2012)

  • Sketches by Paul the Robot, P. Tresset & F. F. Leymarie, Best Paper Award
  • Developing a system of screen-less animation for experiments in perception of movement, C. MacGillivray, B. Mathez & F. F. Leymarie

EvoMusArt 2012: 1st International Conference and 10th European Event on Evolutionary and Biologically Inspired Music, Sound, Art and Design, Malaga, Spain (April 11-13, 2012)

  • Generative choreography: animating in real-time dancing avatars, R. F. Antunes & F. F. Leymarie

Television and video output

Papers presented



Research interests

Arts and Computing: where perception, realism, imagination and digital creativity intersect.

Computer Vision: 3D shape representation(s), reconstruction, analysis, understanding. 2D image retrieval. 

Computer Graphics: interactive gesture-based systems, image-based rendering, visibility computations, procedural modeling. 

Computational Geometry: 3d point cloud processing, medial scaffold, Voronoi diagram, shock graphs, geodesy.

Architectural Information Systems:
CyberMonuments and CyberCities; Biomimetic Sculpting; interactive massing.

Inaugural lecture: From the Infinitely Large to the Infinitely Small


Project topics for final year undergrads:


Current research

AIkon: the Artistic/Automated IKONograph:

Diasynchronoscope: 3D movement synthesis and perception (screen-less):

DockIt: 3D gamification of protein docking (wuth the support of the BBSRC) :

Eco-a-Life: art and artificial life --- ecosystems in virtual worlds:

FoldSynth: Genetics, proteomics, visualisation:

MorphoLingua: a language for shape:

ProGen: procedural modelling of architecture and urban scapes in computer games:

Other topics:

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