Faiths & Civil Society Unit

The Faiths & Civil Society Unit is a centre of excellence linking research, policy and practice in the field of faith-based social action.

The Faiths & Civil Society Unit explores:

Politics and Policy: how decision-makers engage and shape faith-based social action in the public realm, and what this says about deliberation, participation, inclusion and social justice.
Sociology and Society: is society secular, post-secular or complexly both? How should we think and talk about religion in society, and what are the pressing issues?
Professional Practice: what do faith-based social actors do, how do they do it, what are the impacts, and what are the challenges?

These issues come together in interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange to help religion, belief and non-belief groups, policy-makers and practitioners work together effectively.

Key activities include:
A network of Research Fellows
The Religious Literacy Programme
Seminars and events

AHRC funded studentships in religious studies:
Goldsmiths is part of the CHASE consortium, which funds up to 75 studentships per year. Doctoral research in religious studies is one of the areas eligible for this AHRC funding.


Re-imagining Religion and Belief for Public Policy and Practice

This AHRC funded interdisciplinary discussion and networking hub analyses the role and impact of religion and belief on public life and policy.


News & Events

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Our FCSU Events Series 2014-15 - brings together the varied experiences of the Unit’s Fellows, to discuss a range of topical issues relating to the role of Faith in the Public Professions. The first event in the series will be on Healthcare and will be held in December 2014.To register contact Transcripts will be posted here.

Why Religious Education is letting our children down - Prof. Adam Dinham writes in the New Satesman on the state of RE.

What should schools teach about religion? A podcast featuring answers from key thinkers and practitioners.

Misrepresenting Faith: Media Crises, Controversies and Conspiracies The Centre for the Study of Global Media and Democracy and the Faiths and Civil Society Unity, Goldsmiths, University of London, invite you to this one-day symposium on 4 November 10-5pm

Professor Linda Woodhead in Edinburgh Friday 26 September 1- 4pm at St Andrew’s & St George’s West


In the context of a newly invigorated national conversation around the future of RE underway in the UK, REforReal explores what school leavers really need to know and understand about religion and belief in the contemporary world.

Join the debate using #REforReal or by submitting a blog to

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