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Postcolonial theory is a flourishing field of enquiry at Goldsmiths. Interdisciplinary by nature, postcolonial theory flourishes across, and in the interstices between, academic disciplines. It is taught and researched in most academic departments at Goldsmiths, including English and Comparative Literature, Theatre & Performance, Sociology, Media & Communications, Cultural Studies, Art, Anthropology, Visual Cultures, Music, and Politics. The Centre for Cultural Studies offers an MA in Postcolonial Studies and two of the founding co-editors of the leading international journal in the field, Postcolonial Studies, are practicing in the Politics department at Goldsmiths.

Postcolonial theory has expanded beyond its origins in Literary Studies whose concern was with ‘representation’ to an engagement with epistemological, ethical and political questions. In recognition of this The Centre for Postcolonial Studies is an interdisciplinary Centre that was created and housed in the department of Politics. Seeking to provide a forum for those engaged in pushing Postcolonialism into new domains. To meet, discuss, explore and disseminate new ideas, through seminars, colloquia and conferences. The Centre draws upon scholars throughout Goldsmiths and internationally, through its Advisory Boards, to engage in collaborative and joint work with other centres.

For further information, please contact the Director of the Centre, Professor Sanjay Seth or visit our external site: http://centrepostcolonialstudies.org/.


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