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PositionProfessor of Visual Cultures
Department Visual Cultures
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Professor Irit Rogoff


Video Links

The Expanded Field: Actors, Agents, Platforms, keynote lecture, 3rd Former West Congress, BAK, Vienna, 2012

A Pantheon of Disenchantment, lecture at Weaving Politics Symposium, Stockholm 2012

Taking Part, lecture at BAK, Utrecht NL 2008

Exhausted Geographies, keynote lecture, Crossing Boundaries Symposium, INIVA, London 2010

Academic qualifications

PhD. Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London, 1987


My teaching in the Department of Visual Cultures focuses on two areas;

Issues of geography, globalization, post-colonial and post-migratory conditions and their inscription as sites of knowledge production. An annual MA course entitled “Geographies” deals with these issues through theoretical texts and an annual collaborative student project that takes different forms. In 2008 the course investigated urban order through a study of Kings Cross; in 2009 the course project published a book “Market Tales – A Geopolyphony”; in 2010 the project investigated Docklands under the title "Capital Space".
The other area of my teaching is broadly speaking transitions within the contemporary art world as the emergent entities of the audience, the curatorial, the participatory, the self organized and the communal, have become increasingly important to contemporary arts and culture. I direct the ‘think tank’ PH.D in Curatorial / Knowledge, teach periodically on the PH.D. in Research Architecture and in the general PH.D seminar of the Department.

Areas of supervision

I have supervised a wide array of research projects around what we term ‘Global Counter cartographies”; post-coloniality and cultural difference, geography and globalization and alternative spatialities and their practices. Increasingly the dissertations I am advising have been looking at strategies of participation in the contemporary art world, concepts of the curatorial, the communal, the address, the educational turn in curating, and the relations between emergent practices and contemporary understandings of the political.

Papers presented

Numerous keynote addresses and papers delivered at international conferences on contemporary art and cultural difference, museums and participation in contemporary art, and issues of theory and methodology of visual culture.


My practice is one of both academic research as well as in the practices of curating and organizing.

I am interested in untangling the seemingly naturalized relations of subjects and places, in the constitution of sites and spaces that can not be cohered under the proper names on nations, regions, identities or identities and in the cultural and artistic practices that have emerged from mobilities, dislocations and states of extreme and prolonged conflict and the terroristic as the undermine the certainties of belonging, stability and emplacement.

Two books “Terra Infirma – Geography’s Visual Culture” (2001) and “Unbounded – Limits’ Possibilities” (2010) have dealt with such issues as has a major curatorial project “De-Regulation - with the work of Kutlug Ataman “ an exhibition project (Antwerp 2006, Herzilya 2007, Berlin 2010) accompanied by symposia, book and international summer school in ‘Relational Geographies’ Berlin 2010 and funded by the Bundeskuturstiftung. In addition I directed a major AHRC research Center on “Translating the Image – Cross Cultural Contemporary Arts” 2000-2005 with several research fellows (Isaac Julian, Janice Cheddie,) PH.D researchers, conferences and a book “TransCoding” (2010)

Participation and Education

Another aspect of my research is to do with ‘the participatory turn’ in contemporary art and in interventionist and educational practices. My forthcoming book Looking Away – Participating Singularities, Ontological Communities (2011) builds on work I published and curated in recent years and which asks the question on what does it mean to take part in culture beyond the roles that culture allots us for that kind of involvement. Curatorial project linked to this research thematic include “ Academy – Learning and Teaching “ (Vanabbemuseum NL 2006) and “Summit – Non Aligned Initiatives in Education Culture” (Berlin 2007)