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We promote the continued professional development of Goldsmiths’ staff in teaching in higher education (HE) through several routes.

At present, most of these opportunities are only open to Goldsmiths staff. 

Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Goldsmiths' Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (referred to as the PG Cert hereafter) is designed to enhance the pedagogical practice of staff involved in teaching at Goldsmiths.

Who it is for

The course is open to those with at least 30 hours of paid teaching (including 15 hours in the autumn term) on a Goldsmiths accredited programme.

No sessions of the programme will run in the autumn term 2020/21, due to Covid- 19 related planning. If you are interested to join the list for further information when it is available, please email (only using a Goldsmiths email address) talic (


The programme aims to help colleagues to:

  • receive feedback on their teaching through formal teaching observations
  • exchange experience with others who teach at Goldsmiths
  • reflect on their own academic practice
  • explore the national and international context of Higher Education
  • learn more about trends, research and theories of pedagogy
  • gain accredited recognition for their Higher Education teaching practice

What it involves

The programme consists of a series of study days, teaching observations, reflection logs, projects and coursework.

During PG Cert study days, established teachers discuss existing pedagogical theory and practice informed by the lived experience of teaching at university.

Participants on the programme explore, discuss and debate theories of learning and teaching in Higher Education, and reflect on their own teaching activities, both individually and with their academic peers.

The PG Cert consistently gains outstanding participant and external examiner evaluations. Several alumni have gone on to be nominated for and to win Goldsmiths’ Student-led Teaching Awards.

How to Apply

Applications are open to Goldsmiths teaching staff only and made through MyGoldsmiths

Please visit How to Apply, in the section Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education.


For general or administrative queries, please email talic (

Academic Practice Award

The Academic Practice Award (APA) is run by TaLIC in collaboration with the Graduate School.

What it involves

It explores all aspects of an academic career: research, teaching, administration, trends in Higher Education (HE), grant writing, publishing, practice and more.

Who it is for

This award is intended for Goldsmiths’ postgraduate research students. Only registered MPhil/PhD students at Goldsmiths are eligible for this 30 Masters (M) Level credit module.

The benefits it provides

In terms of HE teaching, the APA can help bridge an important potential gap.

It can sometimes be difficult for postgraduates to secure tutoring positions.

Since a sizable portion of the APA is dedicated to teaching in HE, it provides postgraduate students with a qualification that can give them an edge when seeking tutoring positions.

It will also be a positive addition to one’s CV when seeking a researcher/teacher position upon graduation from one’s PhD studies.


If you are a member of Goldsmiths and wish to find out more about the Academic Practice Award, please contact either talic ( or graduateschool (

TaLIC Teaching Grants

The TaLIC Teaching Grants are awarded to project proposals that are likely to extend our knowledge or introduce innovative and/or enhanced pedagogical practice to Goldsmiths.

TaLIC offer up to £2000 for small-scale projects (typically confined to one department) and £5,000 for large scale projects (typically involving two or more departments).

These projects must be aligned to Goldsmiths’ Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy (LTAS) and projects are more likely to be funded if they are of relevance to pedagogy across the college rather than being narrowly relevant to just one discipline.

Example of previously funded projects include:

  • Using the HEAR to support personal tutors in engaging students with employability
  • Pokemon code: Gamified learning for core programming skills 
  • Expanding, re-visiting and developing Goldsmiths Information Skills Tutorial to create an online Enhanced Academic Skills resource
  • Who am I as a teacher? Developing a sustainable approach to the professional development of Goldsmiths tutors, teacher training students and teachers through the adoption of an Action Learning methodology to support reflection
  • A practice-based curriculum for reflective learning in Social Work

Contact talic ( for more information.

Conferences, discussion groups and workshops

TaLIC contributes to and runs a number of different conferences, discussion groups and workshops exploring various aspect of Higher Education teaching.

Annual John Beacham Teaching Conference

Mary Claire Halvorson of TaLIC and Prof Tim Crook of Media Communications and Cultural Studies jointly run the Annual John Beacham Teaching Conference.

The conference recognises the former Head of Media and Communications, Prof John Beacham’s influence, mentoring, standard setting and development of teaching quality at Goldsmiths.

It features a series of invited speakers from Goldsmiths and beyond. It takes place in mid September and is open to all Goldsmiths staff and students.

TaLIC Lunchtime Conversations

TaLIC's Lunchtime Conversations are a series of small-group discussions on current issues in teaching and learning at Goldsmiths and in the UK Higher Education in general.

The conversations either take place at 16 Laurie Grove or online. They focus on different aspects of university pedagogy and include such diverse topics as:

  • Who am I as a teacher?
  • Anxiety - How it impacts on student population and why it seems to be becoming more prevalent
  • Inclusive Face to Face Teaching
  • Bridging the Research Teaching Divide

If you are interested in giving a webinar to share your research or teaching with Goldsmiths staff, please contact talic (

TaLIC Workshops and One-to-ones

TaLIC is pleased to develop and host workshops and one-to-ones on request. Examples include:

  • gold: Essentials
  • gold: Groups and Groupings
  • gold: Scheduler
  • gold: Taming the Dashboard
  • gold: Releasing grades and feedback to students
  • TurnItIn - effectively interpreting similarity reports and using GradeMark for feedback
  • Introduction to Wooclap
  • Introduction to Panopto
  • Design or refresh a module using ABC rapid learning design

Email talic ( for more information on TaLIC Lunchtime Conversations or to request a workshop or one-to-one.