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Professor Brian Morris BEd PhD

Position held:
Emeritus Professor

+44 (0)20 7919 7800

b.morris (

Department of Anthropology
Goldsmiths, University of London
New Cross
SE14 6NW

I carried out field work among the hunter-gatherer people in South India, about whom I subsequently published a book. I have published books on the anthropology of religion, conceptions of the self and on herbalism in Malawi. In addition I have also written numerous articles on ethnobotany, ethnozoology, classification, conceptions of the individual, religion, ritual and symbolism, hunter-gatherer societies, herbalism and fungi. I have also carried out fieldwork on a number of occasions in Malawi, most recently researching human-insect interactions.

Selected publications

Religion and Anthropology: A Critical Introduction, Cambridge University Press. 2006

The History and Conservation of Mammals in Malawi, Kachere Series. 2006

Insects and Human Life, Berg. 2004

Kropotkin: The Politics of Community, Humanity. 2004

Animals and Ancestors: An Ethnography. Berg: Oxford. 2000

'Wildlife Depredations in Malawi', in Natural Enemies. pp 36-49. John Knight (ed). Routledge: London. 2000

'Matriliny and Mother Goddess Religion', in Journal of Contemporary Religion. 13(1): 91-102. 1998

The Power of Animals. Oxford: Berg. 1998

Chewa Medical Botany. Hamburg Lit. 1996

'Woodland and Village: Reflections on the "animal estate" in Rural Malawi', in Journal of Royal Anthropological Institute 6(1): 1-15. 1995

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