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Department of Media and Communications

Angela McRobbie

Position held:
Professor of Communications

+44 (0)20 7919 7580

+44 (0)20 7919 7582

a.mcrobbie (@gold.ac.uk)

I currently teach a range of courses, these include

2nd Year BA Culture, Society and Individual

3rd Year BA The City and Consumer Culture

MA Option The City and Consumer Culture (open to MA Fashion students in the Department of Design)

I also lecture on the MA Gender, Media and Culture, MA Culture Industries and MA Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship

I usually have 10 MA supervisees.

At present I have 5 doctoral students,

Ella Fegitz (Italian Neoliberalism, Sexuality, Post-feminism)

Zoe Pilger (Romantic Subjection)

Sarah Beck (Verbatim Theatre )

Katie Hindle (Post-feminism and Body Pathology)

Onur  Komurcu (German/Turkish Theatre Berlin).

Since joining the department in 1998 I have supervised approx. 15 PhD students including 5 AHRC Awards, one ESRC Award, 2 ORSAS Awards and 1 Canadian Government Grant. My former PhDs now occupy posts at  McKinsey Berlin, Kings College London, Leeds University, London College of Fashion, Birmingham City University, SOAS, Manchester Metropolitan University, the American University in Paris. I have examined approx. 30 PhDs on average 4 annually.


- Feminist Theory

- Gender and the Modern Work Economy

- Gender and Popular Culture

- The Global Fashion Industry

- New Forms of Labour in the Creative Economy

- Start Ups and Social Enterprise


Editorial Board Cultural Studies, Journal of Cultural Economy, Journal of Consumer Culture, Communication Review, Culture Unbound. I also review for various international academic journals.

I have served on RAE Panels 2000, 2006.

I am a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4 Womens Hour and Thinking Allowed. I wrote for openDemocracy and for the Guardian Comment is Free.

Research interests


I am PI for the Fashion Design and IP Work Package (Goldsmiths) of the AHRC CREAte Grant (in total £5m based in Glasgow University) 2013-2015


a)      Feminist Theory (see publications)

b)      Gender and Popular Culture

c)       The Global Fashion Industry

d)      The World of Creative Labour and the Modern Work Economy

e)      The Sociology of Start-Ups and Social Enterprise

f)       Black and Asian British Artists and the Influence of Stuart Hall

g)      The Photography of Annie Liebovitz


I am completing a book titled Be Creative? Making a Living in the New Culture Industries (Polity Press 2014)

Chapters are a) Club to Company b) Unpacking the Politics of Creative Economy c) The Artist as Human Capital d) The Gender of Post-Fordism e) A Good Job Well Done? Richard Sennett, Craft and Creative Economy f) Fashion Matters Berlin: Young Women’s Social Enterprise g) The Politics of Project Working

I have begun work on a follow up to The Aftermath of Feminism (Sage 2008) titled Feminism and The Perfect: The Pathologies of Contemporary Femininity

Chapters are a) Feminism, the Family and the New Mediated Maternalism  b) The Perfect and Pathologies of  Contemporary Femininity c) The Female Artist as Flaneur: Berlin and the Work of Ottinger, Drechsel and Fricke d) From Rock to Celebrity: A Feminist Response to Annie Liebovitz e) Feminism, War and Violence: Butler’s Precarious Lives 

I am also beginning work on a book about the global fashion industry titled Faster Fashion: The Sociology of  Start-Ups, Mass- Luxury Brands and Supply Chains  

In 2015 I will begin work on a study of the conditions which underpinned the emergence of the Black and Asian British Artists with reference to the writing of Stuart Hall.

Selected publications

Single Authored Books (and Pamphlet)

1978 A.McRobbie ‘Jackie’ : An Ideology of Adolescent Femininity Birmingham University CCCS Stencilled Papers. (re-printed in numerous collections).

1990 A.McRobbie Feminism and Youth Culture : From Jackie to Just Seventeen Macmillan, Basingstoke, London.

1994 A.McRobbie Postmodernism and Popular Culture Routledge London (translated into Turkish, Chinese, Korean, and chapters in other languages).

1998 A.McRobbie British Fashion Design : Rag Trade or Image Industry ? Routledge London (sections translated into several langauges).

1999 A.McRobbie In the Culture Society Routledge London (chapters translated as above).

2000 A.McRobbie Feminism and Youth Culture 2nd Edition Macmillan Basingstoke (translated into Chinese).

2005 A.McRobbie The Uses of Cultural Studies Sage London (translated into several languages including Czech and Chinese).

2008 A.McRobbie The Aftermath of Feminism:Gender Culture and Social Change Sage London

2010 A.McRobbie Top Girls : Feminismus und der Aufstieg des neoliberalen Geschlecterregimes, VS Verlag  Germany. (transl of above).

2014 A.McRobbie (forthcoming) Be Creative ? Making a Living in the New Culture Industries, Polity Press

2015 A.McRobbie (forthcoming) Feminism, Femininity and The Perfect (Sage)

2016 A.McRobbie (forthcoming) Stuart Hall, Cultural Studies and The Rise of Black and Asian British Art.

Publications 1977-1983 (Birmingham CCCS Work).

1977 A.McRobbie and J Garber ‘Girls and Subcultures’ in (eds) S Hall and T Jefferson Resistance Through Rituals Hutchinson and the CCCS Birmingham (also an  Open University Reader). Re-printed in numerous books and collections.

1978 A.McRobbie ‘Working Class Girls and the Culture of Femininity’ in (eds) Womens Studies Group Women Take Issue Hutchinson and the CCCS Birmingham.

1979 A.McRobbie and S Frith ‘Rock and Sexualiy’ in Screen Education no 28 BFI London (re-printed in numerous books and collections).

1980 A.McRobbie ‘Settling the Accounts with Subcultures’ in Screen Education no 33 BFI London (re-printed in numerous publications also translated).

1981 A.McRobbie ‘The Politics of Feminist Research’ in Feminist Review, no 12.

1982 A.McRobbie and M. Savier (eds) Autonome aber Wie ? Frauenoffensive Munich.

1983 A.McRobbie and T.McCabe (eds) Feminism for Girls, Macmillan London.

Publications 1985-1990.

1985 A.McRobbie and G.C.Spivak ‘Strategies of Vigilance : An Interview with Spivak’, in Block, no 10, Middlesex Polytechnic. Re-printed in numerous publications.

1985 A.McRobbie ‘Postmodernism and Popular Culture ‘ in (ed) L.Appignanesi ICA Documents, re-printed and translated in 1986 in Anglistica Naples, and in (ed) L. Appignanesi Postmodernism Free Association Books London 1989.

1987 A.McRobbie (with J. Rose, K.Mercer and G.C. Spivak) ‘Sexual Identities : Questions of Difference’  in Undercut no 17 The London Film-makers Co-op.

1988 A.McRobbie ‘Interview with Juliet Mitchell’ in New Left Review no 170, NLB London

1989 A.McRobbie (ed) Zoot Suits and Second Hand Dresses Macmillan London

1989 A.McRobbie ‘Second Hand Dresses and the Role of the Ragmarket’ in Zoot Suits as above.

 Re-printed in numerous publications.

1990 A.McRobbie ‘Feminism and New Times ‘ in Feminist Review no 36. Re-printed in (ed) M Perryman New Times Lawrence and Wishart.

1990 A.McRobbie Feminism and Youth Culture Macmillan Basingstoke.

Publications  1991-2000

1991 A.McRobbie ‘New Times in Cultural Studies’ in New Formations no 13, re-printed in T Lovell (ed) Feminist Cultural Studies Edward Elgar 1994

1991 A.McRobbie ‘The Modernist Style of Susan Sontag’ in Feminist Review no 38

1991 A.McRobbie ‘Indiscretions: Avant Garde Film, Video and Feminism’ review Essay in Screen vol 32 no 3.

1992 A.McRobbie ‘Post-Marxism in Cultural Studies’ in (eds) L.Grossberg, et al) Cultural Studies Routledge London and new York.

1992 A.McRobbie ‘The Passagenwerk and the Place of Walter Benjamin in Cultural Studies’ in Cultural Studies vol 6 no 2

1993 A.McRobbie ‘Shut Up and Dance;Youth Culture and Changing Modes of femininity’ in Cultural Studies vol 7 no 4. also in Youth: Nordic Journal of Youth Research and translated into Italian for Annali dell Instituto Gramsci.

1993 A.McRobbie ‘Feminism, Postmodernism and the Real Me’ In Theory Culture and Society, vol 10 no 4 .re-printed  in (ed) M Perryman Altered States.

1993 A.McRobbie ‘Chantal Ackerman and Feminist Film-making’ in (eds) P Dodd and P. Cook Women and Film: A Sight and Sound Reader.  

1994 A.McRobbie ‘Folk Devils Fight Back’ in New Left Review no 230 verso, London

1994 A.McRobbie ‘Cultural Studies, Subculture and Creative Industries’ in (eds) R Harauer and J Bernard New Culture in Europe Institute for Social Semiotics Vienna.

1994 A.McRobbie Postmodernism and Popular Culture Routledge London (transl as above).

1995 A.McRobbie ‘Recent Rhythms of Sex and Race in Popular Music ‘ in Media, Culture and Society

1995 A.McRobbie and S Thornton ‘Re-Conceptualising Moral Panic in Multi-mediated Social Worlds’ in British Journal of Sociology vol 46  no 4 .Re-printed in approx 4 other publications.  

1996 A.McRobbie ‘Looking Back at New Times and Its Critics’ in (eds) D Morley and K-H Chen Critical Dialogues in Cultural Studies, Routledge London

1996 A.McRobbie ‘More! New Sexualities in Girls and Women’s Magazines’ in (eds) D.Morley, J.Curran and  V.Walkerdine Cultural Studies and Communications Edward Arnold London

1996 A.McRobbie ‘Psychoanalytic Conversations: The Writing of Adam Phillips’ Review Essay in Soundings Issue 3 Lawrence and Wishart.

1996 A.McRobbie ‘All the World is a Stage Screen or Magazine’ in Media Culture and Society vol 18 (Raymond Williams Memorial Lecture).

1996 A.McRobbie ‘Different, Youthful Subjectivities’ in (eds) I Chambers and L Curti The Postcolonial Question Routledge

1997 A.McRobbie ‘Bridging the Gap:Fashion Feminism and Consumption’ in Feminist Review no 55.

1997 A.McRobbie ‘The Es and the Anti Es: New Questions for Feminism and Cultural Studies’ in (eds) P Golding and M Ferguson Cultural Studies in Question Sage London.

1997 A.McRobbie ‘The Meaning of Girlie Culture’ in Soundings Lawrence and Wishart

1997 A.McRobbie (ed) Back to Reality? Social Experience and Cultural Studies Manchester Univ Press.

1997 A.McRobbie ‘A New Kind of Rag Trade? The Politics of British Fashion design in (ed) A Ross No Sweat Verso New York

1997 A.McRobbie ‘Working for Nothing ? The Economics of British Fashion Design’ in (ed) P.Bourdieu Liber France(and transl into other languages).

1998 A.McRobbie British Fashion Design: Rag Trade or Image Industry? Routledge

1999 A.McRobbie In the Culture Society Routledge London       

2000 A.McRobbie ‘Feminism and the Third Way’ in Feminist Review no 64

2000 (eds) P Gilroy, L Grossberg and A.McRobbie Without Guarantees: In Honour of Stuart Hall Verso London, incl A.McRobbie ‘The Universities and the Hurly Burly’.

2000 A.McRobbie ‘Free Market Feminism New Labour and the Cultural Meaning of the TV Blonde’ in (eds) G Philo and D Miller Market Killing Longman Essex

2000 A.McRobbie ‘The Return to Cultural Production’ in (eds) J Curran and M Gurevitch Mass Media and Society Arnold London

2000 A.McRobbie ‘Fashion as a Culture Industry’ in (eds) S Bruzzi and P Church Gibson Fashion Culture Routledge London

2000 A.McRobbie Feminism and Youth Culture 2nd Edition Macmillan Basingstoke

2000 A.McRobbie Brave Madchen: Bose Madchen in Gewerkschaftliche Monateschefte 12 Frankfurt.

2000 A.McRobbie ‘Happiness at Work ? Making a Living in the New Cultural Economy’ in (ed) J Gripsrud Norwegian  Academic Press.   

Publications 2001-2014.This Curriculum Vitae format has been devised to establish a standard framework for presenting information, bearing in mind Paragraph 30 of Academic Staff Conditions of Service which states that all academic staff should complete a curriculum vitae and update it annually.

2001 A.McRobbie ‘Good Girls Bad Girls? Female Success and the New Meritocracy’ in  (eds) D Morley and K Robins British Cultural Studies, Oxford University Press, Oxford. Translated into German

2001 A.McRobbie ‘Holloway to Hollywood: Happiness At Work in the Cultural Economy’  in (eds) P Du Gay and M Pryke  Cultural Economy : Cultural Analysis and Commercial Life Sage, London. Translated into German/re-printed many times 

2002 A.McRobbie ‘A Mixed Bag of Misfortunes? Bourdieu’s Weight of the World’ in Theory Culture and Society 19, vol 3, Sage London

2002 A.McRobbie ‘Fashion Culture, Creative Work, Female Individualisation’ in Feminist Review 71, Routledge London Translated into German

2002 A.McRobbie ‘Clubs to Companies Notes on the Decline of Political Culture in Speeded Up Creative Worlds’ in Cultural Studies vol 16, no 4 Routledge London. Translated into German.(Now re-printed in 5 different volumes,  2007)

2002 A.McRobbie ‘Talentbasierte Wirtsschaft? Die Dynamik der Generationen  auf Grosbritanniens Kulturellen Arbeitsmarkten’ in Gewerkschaftliche Monateshefte 53, Frankfurt Germany

2002 A.McRobbie ‘Small Acts of Kindness? Surviving the Holocaust as a ‘Privileged Jew’ in Soundings no 21, Lawrence and Wishart, London

2002 A.McRobbie and C.Lury (eds) Special issue of Economy and Society ‘Feminism and the Political’., vol 31, no 4

2003 A.McRobbie ‘Mothers and Fathers, Who Needs Them ? Review Essay of Butler’s Antigone’ in Feminist Review No 75, London.  Translated into German as ‘Wozu Mutter and Vater? Judith Butler Antigones Verlangen’ for Das  Argument 252, (4/5) 2003, Berlin

2003 A.McRobbie ‘I Was Knitting Away Night and Day’: Die Bedeutung von Kunst und Handwerk in Modesdesign’ in (ed) M Von Osten Norm Der Abweichung Springer Verlag Zurich.(Extracted from British Fashion Design 1998)

2003 A.McRobbie’ A Mixed Economy of Fashion Design’ in (eds) A. Amin and N.Thrift The Blackwell Cultural Economy Reader, Oxford. (Extracted from British Fashion Design 1998)

 2004 A.McRobbie ‘Everyone Is Creative: Artists as Pioneers of the New Economy in (eds)   E. Silva and T. Bennett Contemporary Culture and Everyday Life sociologypress Durham (transl into Swedish 2009).

2004 A.McRobbie ‘Making a Living in London’s Small Scale Creative Sector in (eds) D. Power and A. Scott Culture Industries and The Production of Culture  Routledge New York and London

2004 A.McRobbie ‘Feminism and the Socialist Tradition Undone? A Response to Recent Work by Judith Butler’  in Cultural Studies, vol 18, no 4, July

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2004 A.McRobbie ‘Post Feminism and Popular  Culture:Bridget Jones and the New Gender Regime’ in Feminist Media Studies (November 2004) now re-printed 6 times in various volumes by 2008

2004 A.McRobbie ‘Notes on Bourdieu and Post Feminist Symbolic Violence’ in (ed) L Adkins Feminists Theorise Bourdieu Blackwell 2004, trans into German see below  2007

2005 A.McRobbie The Uses of Cultural Studies Sage.Trans into Czech for Czech Edition 2006 and into Chinese for Chinese Edit 2007 Beijing Univ. Press.

2005 A.McRobbie Post Feminism and Popular Culture (extended version of earlier article,see above) in J Curran and D Morley (eds) Media and Cultural Studies Routledge

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2007 A.McRobbie ‘Post Feminism and Symbolic Violence’ in Querelles Jaurbuchfur Geschlechter­forschung. Special issue Bourdieu BD 12 (see above)

2007 A.McRobbie ‘Post feminism and Popular Culture ‘ as above re printed in D Negra and Y Tasker Interrogating Post Feminism Duke Univ Press

2008 A.McRobbie ‘Feminism and Consumer Culture Re-Visited in Cultural Studies May

2008 A.McRobbie ‘Pornographic Permutations’ in The Communications Review  vol 11, 225-236

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2009 A.McRobbie ‘Inside and Outside the Feminist Academy’ in Australian Feminist Studies.

2009 A.McRobbie ‘Reply to Susie Orbach: On Generation and Femininity in Studies of Gender and Sexuality vol 9 Issue 3 239-245

2009 A.McRobbie  ‘L’Ere des Top Girls’ in Nouvelles Questionnes Feministes vol 28 no 1 

2009 A.McRobbie ‘La rabbia indeciferable’ in Studi Culturalii no 2 August 208-22

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2009 A.McRobbie ‘Ulrike Ottinger and the Autobiography of Art Cinema ‘ in Screen, 50,

2010 A.McRobbie  ‘The Gender of Post-Fordism’ in (eds) A Manske and K Puhl) Prekariserung aus Genderperspective Dampfboot Verlag.  

2010 A.McRobbie  ‘Introduction: Queer Adventures in Cultural Studies  Cultural Studies  25.2 139-146

2011 A.McRobbie ‘Unveiling France’s Border Strategies’ in feminist Media Studies 11/1/101-106

2011 A.McRobbie ‘Transient Intimacy in Queer Club Spaces: the Work of Kerstin Drechsel , Hatje Kantz Verlag Munich (also published in German)

2011 A.McRobbie ‘Reflections on Feminism, Immaterial Labour and the Post-Fordist Regime’ in New Formations no 70 pp 60-76 

(translated into Italian for L Fantoni (ed) genere e precarieta Scriptweb Napoli).

2012 A.McRobbie ‘Key Concepts for Urban Creative Industries’ in (ed) I Elam Artists and the Arts Industries , the Swedish Arts Grant Committee, Stockholm

2012 A.McRobbie ‘ A Good Job Well Done : Richard Sennett and the Politics of Creative Labour’ in (eds) M Heinlein et al The Future of Modernity , Transcript Verlag Hamburg (with contributions by Bruno Latour, Ulrich Beck, Arjun Appadurai). 

2013 A.McRobbie ‘Angela McRobbie Interviews Herself: How Did It Happen? How Did I Get There?  Cultural Studies vol no

2013 A.McRobbie ‘Fashion Matters Berlin: City-Spaces, Women’s Working Lives, New Social Enterprise? In Cultural Studies vol   no 

2013 A.McRobbie ‘Feminism, The Family and the New ‘Mediated’ Maternalism’ in New Formations no 80  pp119-138 and currently being translated into German.

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