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Summary of research

Personality and emotion states; emotion regulation; psychometrics and scale development; decision-making; addictive behaviours.

Academic qualifications



Programme Director for the MSc Foundations in Clinical Psychology and Health Services

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Areas of supervision

I am happy to consider projects for undergraduate and postgraduate supervision in the following broad areas:

  • extraversion, positive emotion states and subjective well-being
  • extraversion and approach motivation for reward
  • personality and mood state effects on decision-making and problem-solving
  • neural indices associated with reward processing and anhedonia
  • risk and resilience factors in the onset and development of adolescent substance
  • the role of positive and negative urgency traits in alcohol and cannabis use.

Research interests

My research largely focuses on understanding how variation in key personality traits is underpinned by emotional and motivational states, and the neural systems that potentially regulate these processes.

Most recently, this research has focused on how individual differences in extraversion relate to the experience of positive affective states and approach to rewarding stimuli, and how the links between these processes are underpinned by dopaminergic processes in the brain.

Related to this research, I am also interested in the role that impulsivity-related personality traits and emotional states play in decision-making and risk-taking broadly, and in the context of substance use and gambling more specifically.

Lastly, my work in these areas has often involved the development and testing of psychometric instruments, and so I am interested in the application of statistical techniques, such as Item Response Theory, in the development and testing of measurement tools in personality and clinical research. 

Selected publications

Number of items: 40.


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Book Section

Gomez, Rapson and Cooper, Andrew. 2008. Reinforcement sensitivity theory and mood induction studies. In: Philip J. Corr, ed. The reinforcement sensitivity theory of personality. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 291-316. ISBN 9780521617369 [Book Section]

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