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The Department conducts theoretically informed empirical research on ‘live’ social issues and train the next generation of social researchers in classical and contemporary methods of social research. We provide research-led teaching supported by IT facilities including a continually updated virtual learning environment, access to the University of London Library and interdisciplinary seminars, workshops and conferences.  We achieved the highest judgement of 'broad confidence' in our teaching and learning strategy in the most recent QAA Developmental Engagement.

Degree studies in Goldsmiths Sociology offer a critical understanding of society and expertise in social research, and our students have gone on to make use of their sociological skills and understanding in careers in, for example, public administration, arts organisations, health and welfare services, media, marketing and advertising, business, journalism, charities, non-governmental organisations and more. For more details, please e-mail sociology (

Study abroad

The Department of Sociology offers an Erasmus scheme which enables you to live in a European city for part of your degree. 

Undergraduate programmes

Postgraduate programmes

MPhil and PhD programmes