Library Search

Library Search is the catalogue that allows you to discover nearly all of the Library's print and online collections using a single search.

Primary page content

Library Search includes books, e-books, articles, videos, newspaper articles, theses, open access content and more.

You can sign in to manage your loans and requests, to export citations and save search results.

Included in Library Search

  • Books and e-books
  • Journals and e-journals, including journal articles
  • Newspapers and newspaper articles
  • Audio and audio-visual content, including video, film, music
  • Conference proceedings
  • Games
  • Scores
  • Theses
  • Images
  • Open access content from Goldsmiths Research Online (GRO)
  • Other open access sources
  • Reference entries
  • Goldsmiths Special Collections
  • And more

Not included in Library Search

Library Search does not currently search effectively across the following databases, which we recommened you search directly:

These journals and newspapers are also not included:

Advanced subject searches

We recommend you use specialist databases, such as abstract indexes, in addition to using Library Search.

Consult your relevant Subject Guide for recommendations or contact your Subject Librarian.

Goldsmiths Special Collections

Library Search indexes some Goldsmiths Special Collections.

To search the full archives and textile collections use the Goldsmiths Archives Catalogue.

Senate House and other library collections

Library Search looks for items in Goldsmiths Library collections by default, however, once you have performed a search you can use the ‘Include results from other libraries’ option to discover additional resources. Using this button allows you to quickly check if the resource is available online or in print at Senate House Library.

Not all Senate House Library resources are indexed by Library Search, so if you can't find a specific item using this method we would recommend searching the Senate House Library catalogue directly. 

If the resource you discover is not available at Goldsmiths Library or at Senate House Library you may still be able to access it by requesting an Inter-Library Loan.

Senate House provides access to some key databases that we recommend searching separately. Recommendations for these can be found on your Subject Guide where relevant to your department.