Take Refuge

Student work

Take Refuge is a meditative sound experience influenced by the language and design of self-care initiatives.

It started as an exploration into the politics of silence and the myriad roles silence plays in our day to day lives. Silence can be used as a means of empowering, and finding peace and tranquillity, but can also be deployed as a means of oppression and marginalisation. As our conversations developed we became fascinated by trends such as ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), meditation apps, and an ever-increasing tendency to use sound, silence, and meditative noise as a means of self-care. Moreover, we are equally curious as to how certain places can evoke different feelings depending on an individual’s engagement with the space.

With this in mind, we have created a site-specific sound experience. The tracks you are about to listen to have been recorded in places across the UK that have different emotional and political connotations. You can also take part in the Take Refuge experience in the comfort of your own home on your phone – find yourself a comfortable space and press play. Let us take you on this journey.

Credit: Agathe Barre, Rand Jarallah, Kellyrose Marry, Shereen Perera, Emily Richardson, and Amaal Said

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