Additional information about applying for the MA in Art Psychotherapy


Further information on entry requirements

There have been queries about accreditation of prior learning from applicants who have completed or are studying for undergraduate degrees in art therapy from other institutions. As the qualifying course is a postgraduate programme and of an integrated nature, it is not possible to shorten the required period of study by such accreditation.

In the past, some applicants have been under the impression that courses they have been following are 'degree-equivalent', only to discover after application that this is not the case. Those interested in a career in art therapy that are preparing themselves for application are strongly advised to discuss the status of qualifications with the educational establishments concerned before embarking upon courses of study. If in doubt about 'degree-status' courses, advice can be obtained from the Admissions Office at the main college.

After your application 

Following application, advice may be given to pursue further art education prior to re-application. It is difficult to give specific advice regarding the nature of such further art education as individual circumstances and backgrounds vary; but applicants should bear in mind that they will be competing for places with art graduates who have usually undergone a minimum of four years full-time study and studio practice. Art colleges, further education colleges and evening institutes in your local area may be able to advise you of the standard expected and may be able to provide short courses specifically aimed at building up a portfolio.

Art therapy foundation and /or introductory courses, attended here or at other institutions, are useful introductions to the profession which help prospective students make a more informed choice about whether or not art therapy is a suitable career option for them, but do not guarantee entry to the MA course. They are also not part of any credit points system that can be related to the MA.