Anthropology modules


Please note that due to staff research commitments not all of these modules may be available every year.

Module title Credits
  Economic and Political Anthropology I 30 credits
  Anthropology of Art 15 credits
  Violence & the Body Politic 30 credits
  Critical Voices in Development 30 credits
  Anthropological Perspectives on Tourism 15 credits
  Intercultural Film 15 credits
  Photography & Sound 15 credits
  Environmental Anthropology 15 or 30 credits
  Anthropology of Religion 15 credits (UG) or 30 credits (PG)
  Anthropology and History 30 credits
  Anthropology of Health and Medicine 30 credits
  Psychology and Anthropology 30 credits
  Anthropology of Art II 15 or 30 credits
  Economic and Political Anthropology II 30 credits
  Experimental Ethnographic Filmmaking 15 credits
  Ethnography Through Photography & Sound 15 credits
  Anthropology & Gender Theory 30 credits