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The Student Recruitment and Outreach team at Goldsmiths is committed to providing up to date information, advice and guidance to prospective university students and their support networks.

By working closely with academic departments at Goldsmiths, the team delivers a wide range of activity - both on campus and in schools and colleges - to allow students to make informed choices about their future.

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge to support your school and college, and look forward to working with you and your students. 

Our provision includes:

  • campus visits
  • talks in schools and colleges
  • transition days
  • summer schools
  • academic taster sessions
  • progression schemes
  • student shadowing
  • virtual lectures
  • CPD opportunities for teachers and advisers

How we can help you

Find out more about our work with Primary, Secondary and Post-16 students.

We also offer plenty of resources for teachers and advisers, including an annual conference, and our GoldNetwork magazine, published each term full of insights and advice.

You can read more about the ways we can support you on our working with teachers pages

Meet the team 

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James Ringer - Deputy Head of Recruitment

James is responsible for the strategic direction of the Student Recruitment and Outreach team and ensuring that the work we do contributes to Goldsmiths’ OFFA agreement and student recruitment objectives. James has worked in higher education throughout his career, having previously worked at Aston University, Anglia Ruskin University, Queen Mary University of London and the University of Reading.

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Clare Welsh - Recruitment and Outreach Manager

Clare manages the Student Recruitment & Outreach team. She is responsible for managing the widening participation and outreach activities delivered by the team, which are designed to support students who are currently under-represented in higher education and encourage progression into HE / Goldsmiths. She manages all school partnership programmes and school & college liaison activities, with the objective of raising the profile of Goldsmiths, University of London across all undergraduate degree programmes.

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Jonathan Bridges – Student Recruitment and Outreach Officer

Jonathan heads up the Goldsmiths Progression Scheme (GPS), a two year course which provides students with a series of enhanced subject-based learning experiences and information on Higher Education. He also manages our Outreach Summer School programme, an intensive week-long programme allowing students to concentrate in-depth in a particular subject. Alongside that, he assists with sixth form activity in schools and colleges local to Goldsmiths. He joins us from having previously worked at Exeter and Sussex University in various roles across the Outreach and Recruitment sector.

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Lucy Jenks – Progression and Outreach Manager (maternity cover)

Lucy works with academic departments to develop outreach plans and co-ordinate delivery of outreach activity with local schools and colleges. She develops progression agreements with local schools and colleges to highlight pathways for non-traditional learners to progress to higher education. She supports specific outreach and widening access initiatives at Goldsmiths including Realising Opportunities, a national programme supporting year 12s into research intensive universities. She also provides advice and guidance to access and mature students applying to university.

l.jenks (

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Lucy Grace Trotman - Pre-16 Coordinator

As the Pre-16 Outreach Coordinator, Lucy manages relationships with, and activities for, local primary schools and secondary schools. Lucy joins the team after eight years working in the arts and heritage sector, having led outreach for Tate Modern, the South London Gallery and National Maritime Museum, as well as two years of primary school teaching. 

l.trotman (

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Andy Roper - Recruitment and Outreach Assistant

Andy works across the Student Recruitment and Outreach team, supporting all events and activities. He delivers workshops and talks in schools and colleges on all areas of higher education and progression. 

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Dan Bond – Student Ambassador Coordinator 

Dan recruits and trains Goldsmiths' student ambassadors so that they are prepared to go out to schools and colleges and deliver a series of workshops in areas such as the university application process, student life, subject specific talks, homework and revision sessions. He is also the main contact if you need to book an ambassador for your event or progression activity. (

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Lee McMahon - Student Recruitment and Outreach Officer

Lee runs the ‘Goldclass’ programme at Goldsmiths – our annual series of masterclasses designed to give young people a taster of what University lectures might be like. He also regularly visits Schools and Colleges to deliver talks to both students and parents on a wide range of topics. He is also responsible for Goldsmiths’ annual Teachers & Advisers conference, designed to bring Teachers and support staff closer together with Goldsmiths to support young people making their first steps towards University. Lee joined Goldsmiths from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in March 2016.

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Lindsay Stewart - Postgraduate Recruitment Manager

Lindsay is responsible for the recruitment and marketing of Goldsmiths' postgraduate programmes to students, both taught and research. She also is responsible for EU student recruitment. She attends events throughout the UK and Europe, speaking to students, parents and teachers. She also works closely with academic departments, as well as the marketing and communications teams to highlight opportunities related to postgraduate study. Lindsay joined Goldsmiths recently, having worked over the past eight years for other London universities, specialising in international recruitment, admissions, and marketing.

lindsay.stewart (