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Supporting you to succeed

Whenever you need help or advice, there’s always someone to turn to at Goldsmiths. Throughout your studies and even after your graduation, we're on hand to help you achieve your academic and personal goals, prepare for your future and resolve any difficulties that you may encounter. We can support you in the following ways:

Bursaries and scholarships
Careers service
CELAW (pre-degree courses for students with English as a second language)

General advice and welfare issues
Medical problems
Open book (supporting socially excluded adults into education)
Peer Assisted Learning (mentoring system)
Royal Literary Fellows (assistance with essay writing)
Student's Union
Support for international students

Meet some of our support staff


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PAL mentors Julia and Jess discuss how the Peer Assisted Learning scheme works 


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Our Chaplain Adele explains her work and the role of the Chaplaincy

Trevor Blair

Facilities Operative

Trevor works as a Facilities Operative in the Richard Hoggart Building, which entails giving basic information to visitors and problem solving from staff to student. 

Having worked in the print industry since the 1970s, Trevor originally joined Goldsmiths in March 2007 in Design and Print Services. After completing a fixed-term contract, he spent time performing music and working with young offenders, both passions he still holds today. Returning to the UK in 2009, Trevor rejoined Goldsmiths, first working in Finance and later as an administrator for Sociology, before starting his current role in May 2012. 

“In my personal life I’ve been very fortunate to travel extensively and have met many famous musicians playing the bass guitar, but I keep coming back to Goldsmiths. Having worked all around the College, my currently job is by far the most rewarding. I really enjoy the conversations I have with people from all walks of life and I am truly humbled by the respect and admiration I get from the staff and students” he says. 

Mick Roberts

Young British Artists' mentor

Goldsmiths’ Art Technician Mick has played his part in the lives of some of the country’s greatest contemporary artists.

From Damien Hirst and Sarah Lucas to Sam Taylor-Wood and Julian Opie, Mick has worked with some of the most influential artists of our time. He quite literally had a hand in creating early prototypes of seminal pieces by the Young British Artists such as Damien Hirst. “I helped Damien make his first Medicine Cabinets. He was quite good at getting other people to do things for him!” Mick explains. 

A visit to Mick’s busy workshop tells you all you need to know about why he has spent almost four decades at Goldsmiths. Art in progress can be found in every nook and cranny, including in the bin, with some discarded pieces salvaged and pinned delicately to the wall of his office. “I feed off the enthusiasm of the students – that’s why I’ve been here 35 years. Every three years we get a new group and see them and their work develop,” he said.

“We get to know the students really well. We don’t offer an opinion on the artistic merit of their work, although they often ask. I say to students when I first meet them ‘you can make it as bad or as good as you like’.”

Joe Baden

Head of the Open Book Project

“At Goldsmiths, our students feel accepted in a place where normally they’d feel tolerated.”

Open Book is a pioneering Goldsmiths project which supports socially-excluded adults into education. Students come from the very margins of our society; many are ex-offenders, others have struggled with addiction or mental health problems. All want the chance to turn their lives around through education. They are taught and supported by former participants, so there is genuine empathy and communal spirit.

“It’s not about rehab, it’s about becoming the people we always should have been,” says Joe. “We’ve got where we are by working hard to turn the negatives into positives. We’re not victims, we’re survivors. Victims don’t have the power to change things. We have.”


Sharon Alleyne

Head of Student Funding

Sharon's top tips for managing your money:

  • Keep a running total of your daily expenditure.
  • Budget on a regular basis – monthly is ideal and it helps you to keep in control.
  • Divide income over period intended ie student loan divided by 39 weeks.
  • Consider paying your bills by direct debit or standing orders.
  • Keep in contact with companies you owe money to eg credit card companies, gas/electricity boards. They are often really helpful and it is much better than ignoring the debt.

Stella Klein

Specialist Dyslexia Tutor

Since arriving at Goldsmiths in 2007, Stella has been instrumental in helping students with dyslexia achieve their full potential.

What kind of techniques do you use with dyslexic students?
Lots of chatting, listening, asking questions, and discussing. It’s sometimes best to just let students unravel their thoughts as I jot them onto a word document for us to then to revise and discuss later. I guess the sessions are just a place for them to feel safe to admit what they don’t know as well as what they do. We also practice time management, punctuation, paragraphs and sentence structuring, and writing essays. I’m especially interested in learning by analogy and by visualisation. Sometimes one-to-one sessions get a bit poetic!

What work at Goldsmiths have you been most proud of?
I’m proud of all the students I have worked with who have managed to get the final degree they were hoping for, or an assignment or two they could be proud of. I have had a couple of students progress from BA to MA to PhD level which is pretty inspiring, and I’ve also followed students right at the start of their first year to the end of their course and seen them get increasingly confident, knowledgeable and eloquent with their writing.

Sarah Lambert

Peer Assisted Learning Co-ordinator

"The support and comfort the service gives comes from knowing that it’s ok to struggle and that if you struggle, you survive."

Sarah Lambert organises the Goldsmiths Peer Assisted Learning scheme, which sees second and third year students mentor new arrivals on anything from referencing to finding the right person to talk to about essays. She is also a lecturer in the Department of History where she specialises in Medieval studies and runs  the “History at Work” employment scheme. 

“The idea behind Peer Assisted Learning is that students who have already been through the challenges of first year can give direct mentoring to new students on anything from what lecturers to approach about certain pieces of work to how to find their way around the campus. However much students think they have learned at school, university expectations are of a different order and many people struggle to get used to the what’s being asked of them. 

“Many students who have made use of the service have let us know that they would not have been able to survive without the help they received. The support and comfort the service gives comes from knowing that it’s ok to struggle and that if you struggle, you survive”

Jason Henry

Print Room Technician

Jason’s expertise in digital printing is utilised on a daily basis to create printed materials for staff and students. 

"My current role is Digital Print Technician in the Design and Print Services team. The core responsibility of my role lies in digital printing, which can encompass anything from producing full colour leaflets, flyers and posters about current Goldsmiths courses and events, to producing teaching materials for departments within the university.

One of my favourite parts of my role is advising students on the best way to produce their printed materials such as portfolios and dissertations. I really enjoy engaging with students on their ideas, many of which are extremely creative, and seeing them come to fruition.

“Outside of work I’m an avid Arsenal fan so as often as I can I’ll go to the Emirates stadium to cheer on the mighty Gunners. I also have a passion for music and over the years I’ve been known to DJ, rap and produce hip-hop music.”

Mark Eaglestone

Senior Porter

Mark is currently in his tenth year at Goldsmiths and is currently a Senior Porter. His diverse position brings him into contact with departments all around the College on a daily basis.

"My day starts at 7am and initially sees me organising classroom layouts and setting up for any special events going on across campus. For the rest of the day I’m involved in all sorts of jobs which can range from something as small as taking a box from one building to another, right up to a house clearance. We also collect and deliver post and reprographics from across campus.

One of our most important roles is the part we play in the Graduation ceremonies. We do a lot of hard work behind the scenes in terms of setting up the event to make sure the students and parents have a day to remember. Working at Goldsmiths brings fresh challenges every day and brings me into contact with some very interesting and talented individuals. 

Outside of work, myself and a group of friends run a successful club night called Cooking Soup, which takes place in London and Liverpool. We feature some of the best unsigned bands in Britain and we’ve previously attracted guest DJs including Erol Alkan and Clint Boon. We’ve also set up our own record label, which we’ve used to release a single; and we’re in the process of recording another. I also follow Millwall football club.” 

Ines Rebelo

Web Team and the IT Helpdesk Assistant

Currently holding a dual-role at Goldsmiths, Ines splits her time between the Web Team and the IT Helpdesk. Before starting work here, she completed her MFA Fine Art at Goldsmiths. She still maintains her art practice, exhibiting her work in the UK and abroad.

“When I’m at the IT Helpdesk, I’m energised by the smiles of relief on students’ faces when they find out that their essay hasn’t been lost! As part of the Web Team, I enjoy being able to work on all the different stages of a project from the initial sharing of ideas to the design of mockups, including coding and testing until there is a new template on the CMS ready to be populated and made live on the www.

I studied at Goldsmiths and I completed a Masters in Fine Art here in 2006. After that, I worked in a web agency in London, DotPeak. Nowadays, I maintain my practice as visual artist, working with different media including painting, drawing and installation, showing work in the UK and abroad in artist-run spaces, galleries and art institutions. In late September, my work will be included in The Starseed Transmission, part of Deptford X

Nicola Hogan

Project Officer for Greening Goldsmiths

"One of the most important thing students want to know is how they can reduce their ecological footprint. One bit of advice I always give is reducing the use of electricity and energy, by for example switching off lightning when you leave the room. If you live in halls and share a kitchen, you don’t know how long a room will be empty when you leave it, so always turn the light off. Another way to save energy is to only boil enough water for your own cuppa!

If you are moving in to a house, and need some furniture, you can ask me about good second hand shops. Or if you want to get rid of things, I can tell you the best was to do so. More importantly, if you want to get involved in green issues and campus, we would love to have volunteers helping making campus greener. I don’t mean picking up litter, but actual ideas of how we can improve spaces. Come to us and we’ll assist you!"

Content last modified: 04 Jul 2014

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