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Unit For School And Family Studies

The Unit was established within the Department of Psychology at Goldsmiths in 1998. Researchers in the Unit use multi-disciplinary research approaches in the areas of social development, behavioural difficulties and learning, and we work with schools and families in the local area, nationwide across the UK and internationally.

Areas of research

Our main areas of research are concerned with:

  1. Understanding antisocial and disruptive behaviour in the classroom; by profiling neuropsychological strengths and weaknesses in students currently attending Pupil Referral Units (funded by the Nuffield Foundation) and by evaluating intervention strategies for children attending schools for pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.
  2. Bullying and social inclusion in schools: understanding bullying and violence in schools and the success of different anti-bullying strategies; investigations into cyberbullying; profiling social, emotional and behavioural correlates of direct and indirect bullying behaviours; comparative work on bullying in England, Japan, China and Korea; a study of attributional processes in victimisation.


Further information and published papers are available via the Unit's research and members pages. If you are interested in finding out more about any of these projects, please contact Dr Alice Jones

Latest news

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A DAPHNE III project (2013-2015): BeatBullying Europe

An evaluation of the BeatBullying mentoring project in six EU countries

BeatBullying is a leading UK charity based in London: . BeatBullying’s online mentoring scheme has been supporting young people for over six years. Goldsmiths has evaluated the UK mentoring scheme as part of two previous projects. This is the first time the mentoring scheme has been introduced into Europe. 

If you are from a school participating in the BeatBullying Europe project, you can download an evaluation questionnaire from the links below:

Czech Republic Flag CZ Pokud působíte na škole, která se účastní výcviku mentorů v programu BeatBullying, prosíme vyplňte následující dotazník: [Dotazník pro školy ]

Italy Flag IT Se fate parte di una scuola coinvolta nel programma Beatbullying, siete pregati di compilare il seguente questionario: [Questionario per la scuola ]

Poland Flag PL Jeśli jesteś uczniem szkoły biorącej udział w programie BeatBullying, wypełnij proszę ten kwestionariusz: [Ankieta dla szkół ]

Portugal Flag PT Se pertence a uma escola que está a participar no projeto-piloto de mentoria do Beatbullying, preencha o nosso questionário por favor: [‌Questionários para escolas ]

Romania Flag RO Dacă eşti de la o şcoală care participă la proiectul pilot de mentorat BeatBullying, te rugăm să completezi chestionarul nostru: [Chestionar pentru şcoli ]

Spain Flag ES Si usted es de una escuela que participa en el programa piloto de formación para orientadores de BeatBullying, por favor, complete nuestro cuestionario: [Cuestionario escolares ]

UK Flag GB If you are from a school participating in the BeatBullying mentoring scheme pilot, please complete our questionnaire: [School questionnaire ]


Feel free to contact the research team for further information.

Fran Thompson (Researcher)      
+44 20 8244 6117

Peter K Smith (Principle investigator)  
+44 20 7919 7898    

John Jessel (Co-investigator)             
+44 20 7919 7336                   

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