Events hosted by the Asian Music Unit


Vietnamese small drum with two skins
Trong Chau

19 March 2019
Dr Andrew Killick: "Transcribing on a Blank Slate"

14 February 2019
"Music as Heritage" Book Launch and Concert, in collaboration with JSPS

29 January 2019
Dr Barley Norton: "Filming Experimental Music in Vietnam"

1-4 August 2018
World Shakuhachi Festival London

8 June 2018
Ethnomusicology Symposium with keynote presentation by Prof Tina K. Ramnarine

6 June 2018
'Sunda Sounds' concert with artists-in-residence, Lili Suparli and Rudi Mukhram from Bandung, supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Culture

1 June 2018
'Diaspora Sounds' Symposium in collaboration with the Institute for Music Research, on "Innovation and Creativity in Diasporic Music Learning and Performance"

29 May 2018
Concert at the Horniman Museum by the Goldsmiths Gamelan Group and artists-in-residence, Lili Suparli and Rudi Mukhram from Indonesia

11 December 2017
Goldsmiths Gamelan Concert

7 December 2017
Dr Jim Franklin: "Composing for the Shakuhachi with Electronics"

30 November 2017
Dr Kiku Day: "Workshop on the Japanese Shakuhachi and New Composition"

4 November 2017
One-day conference in collaboration with the Horniman Museum, RAI and RHUL, on "South Asia and its Diaspora: Musical Performances in the Cultures of Decolonisation"

6 June 2017
Ethnomusicology Symposium with keynote presentation by Prof Tina K. Ramnarine

18 May 2017
Gamelan performance with two visiting Sundanese master musicians, Lili Suparli and Achmad Farmis from Indonesia

28 February 2017
Dr ANTTI-VILLE KÄRAJÄ: When Engelbert Humperdinck met Irwin Goodman

7 February 2017
Dr NAOMI MATSUMOTO: Giovanni Vittorio Rosi’s Floating World

31 January 2017
MITHILA SARMA: Subduction Zone

6 December 2016
Ruard Absaroka: "'Musicking Like a State': Hidden Musicians the (Musical) 'Right to the City' in Contemporary Shanghai"

May 2016
AHRC funded project ‘‘Cultural Engagement and Knowledge Exchange between Music Research at Goldsmiths and London’s Tamil Community’. Included two concerts involving Goldsmiths music students and Tamil musicians held at Goldsmiths and the London Tamil Centre

10 March 2016
Nguyen Trinh Thi, seminar "Experimentation in Non-Fiction Filmmaking"

10 March 2016
Screening of Films by Nguyen Trinh Thi, with director Q&A

26 January 2016
Research Seminar by Dr Hwee-San Tan: Diasporic sounds of Nanyi: from Southeastern China to Vietnam

8 December 2015
Research Seminar by DJ Rekha: Native Informant 

24 November 2015
Roundtable panel on Identity, Multiculturalism, and the Politics of Music Making, featuring discussion of the work of the Six Tones 

21 November 2015
Performance by the Six Tones: ‘Inside/Outside’ and ‘Post-Human Computation’ 

7 October 2015
Performance by Gilles Aubry and Robert Mills: ‘Jewel of the Ear’

17-19 February 2015
Osaka University / Goldsmiths Special Research Forum 

17 February 2015
Research seminar by Prof Ito, Prof. Wajima and Dr Saito: Nationalism, Folklorism and Exoticism in Modern Japan 

9 December 2014
Research Seminar by Dr Francis Silkstone: "At the Feet of My Beloved" – a Hindu/Christian Oratorio: Issues and Processes 

2 December 2014
Research Seminar by Dr Nicolas Magriel: Watch, Learn and Understand: Islamic Mysticism and Music Enculturation  

9 October 2014
Film Screening: Verses in Exile 

26 September 2014  
Film Screenings and Q&A: Phnom Penh, Rescue Archaeology: The Body and the Lens in the City 

25 September 2014
Roundtable panel: Heritage Arts and the Contemporary

September 2014
Video installation by Thomas Buttery and Jai Raffety: Fractured/Khmer Passages 

8 May 2014
Performance: Migrating Music: An Evening of South Indian Music at Goldsmiths

7 May 2014
Research Seminar by Jasmine Hornabrook: Mapping the Soundscape of South Indian Music in London 

19-21 February 2014
International Symposium, including film screenings and concerts: Safeguarding the Intangible: Cross Cultural Perspectives on Music and Heritage 

17 February 2014
Film Screening and Q&A, Professor Terada Yoshitaka’s film Angry Drummers: A Taiko Group from Osaka, Japan