Researcher development

Researchers are vital to the future of Goldsmiths. We aim to provide excellent career development support for all our research staff, at all stages of their career.

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Researcher career development at Goldsmiths is overseen by academic departments with support from professional support services, including HR, the Graduate School, and the Research and Enterprise team.

Department-managed mechanisms to support researcher development include:

  • Dedicated research leave (often, but not always, on a one-term-in-seven policy)
  • Research seminar programmes, networking and knowledge exchange opportunities through research hubs, centres and units
  • Reduced teaching loads for ECRs
  • Annual performance development reviews
  • Resources and information via Goldsmiths Virtual Learning Environment (

Further support mechanisms and training opportunities for researcher development include:

Personal effectiveness

  • Staff wellbeing programme, including access to mental health support, counselling, exercise classes, clubs (eg Creative Writing, Film, Book) and staff networks
  • 1:1 coaching opportunities for all research-active staff, including ECRs
  • Opportunity to attend one Goldsmiths short course per year, free of charge (depending on availability)

Research governance and management

  • Tailored researcher training events, including sessions on research ethics, research data management, research funding and WorkTribe
  • Information about research funding, training and career development opportunities shared through a weekly Research Services newsletter
  • Institutional access to Research Professional for funding news and job alerts
  • Access to resources and information to support research funding applications and management of research awards
  • E-learning modules on data protection and information storage

Engagement, impact and influence

  • Access to Goldsmiths Staff Learning and Development hub, (further info and booking for staff is on Goldmine) including:
    • targeted training around PhD supervision, academic promotion and leadership
    • training for all staff on coaching, leadership and management and presentation skills
    • equalities and diversity training sessions, including workshops and events on trans awareness, unconscious bias, understanding sexual violence
  • Annual programme of workshops on public engagement, knowledge exchange and media awareness, including career development training to promote equality and diversity for ECRs
  • Access to Goldsmiths Online Repository (GRO), with training and advice provided via the Library

Researcher Development Framework (RDF)

Goldsmiths is a member of Vitae, leaders in supporting the career development of researchers.

Our institutional membership (using your Goldsmiths email address) gives all staff can access Vitae’s training events, resources and the Researcher Development Framework (RDF), a tool describing the knowledge, behaviours and attributes of successful researcher.

You can use the RDF to identify strengths and gaps in your career development, to prioritise your development needs and to monitor your progress.

Researcher Development Concordat

Goldsmiths are signatories to the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers, 2019 (commonly known as the Researcher Development Concordat), an agreement between funders and employers of research staff to improve the employment and support for researchers and researcher careers in UK Higher Education.

  • All newly appointed researchers receive information about the RD Concordat with their contracts, ensuring that they are aware of their entitlement to career development support
  • For every newly awarded research project, the RD Concordat forms part of the set-up pack and is discussed at the initial project meeting
  • A Concordat Working Group was established in 2018 to oversee the reporting and planning requirements of the RD Concordat and the HR Excellence in Research Award

HR Excellence in Research Award (HREiRA)

The HR Excellence in Research Award scheme is based on the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers that sets out the principles for good working conditions for researchers. The scheme is administered in the UK by Vitae.

Goldsmiths was first awarded the HREiRA in 2012. We retained the award at the 2-year (2014), 4-year (2016), and 6-year (2019) review points and will submit an updated action plan and report for the 8-year review point in November 2021:

Governance responsibility for researcher development at a strategic level (including training and research leave) at Goldsmiths is formally overseen by the Research and Enterprise Committee (REC).

For more information or help contact researchertraining (