Degree Shows 2024

Celebrating the best creative work from Goldsmiths students, spanning music, theatre, fine art, design, computing and more.

2024 listings

Highlights from 2024

Three women lie on a mound of brown dirt as part of a theatre performance. Their bodies are entangled and they are each wearing green dresses. The stage is dark, and they are lit by a yellow spotlight.

The Wake, TAP OUT 2024, BA Theatre and Performance

Three screens are mounted against a blue and grey background, they are each showing different pieces of abstract digital art in yellows, oranges, blues and purples

Hi, where are you from, Valerie Keck, BA Digital Arts Computing 2024

A person with short hair is silhouetted against a green, water-like projection at a Digital Arts Computing exhibition

Exhibition shot, artist unknown, BA Digital Arts Computing

Two figures stand silhouetted against a projected game which is on three sides of a wall

Last Summer, Oliver Jones, BSc Creative Computing

A woman lounges on sand in a dark room, she's wearing sunglasses and is sat beneath a colourful umbrella reading a book

Kyklos, Ciclo, Suzharchi, MA Performance Making 2024

A person wearing a large bird-like costume stands with one arm outstretched, there are worms and grubs coming out of their mouth

Entanglement, MA Perfomance Making 2024

Heavadny, a black female singer performs on stage. She is leaning back slightly, holding a microphone. Her hair is in long braids and she wears a mid-length white dress and red trainers.

Heavadny, PureGold 2024, BMus Popular Music

A strip of 6 photos on a white wall, the images are of a young man in drag in various poses, wearing silk accessories and costume jewellery with extensive makeup

The Palace, Kawai, BA Media and Communications

A selection of photographs on a white wall, the photographs are mostly portraits of two naked men.

Unfolding, Jakob Slodkiewicz, BA Media and Communications

A gallery of photographs on a white wall, the photographs are of two people in a variety of unnatural poses

Reserved Yet Unchanged, Shangyu Wan, BA Media and Communications

A gallery of over exposed black and white images on a white wall. The images show concrete buildings and silhouettes of people walking

Towards the New World, Lucas Gobel, BA Media and Communications

A series of bright abstract paintings in an exhibition space which has been painted in a bright yellow paint effect

Chantel Okwesa, BA Fine Art

An exhibition space has been painted to look like a concrete room, a window has been partially covered and painted to look like a small barred window in a concrete room there is a bench on the floor and a simple painting on one wall

Sitong Yao, BA Fine Art

A large bronze wedge-shaped sculpture is in the centre of a white exhibition space, a woman stands beneath it, giving the impression the sculpture is leaning over her

Yujin Chung, BA Fine Art

A man stands in front of a light coloured abstract painting in a pink exhibition space

Scarlett Rose Hynes, BA Fine Art and History of Art