Degree Shows 2022

Our annual summer Degree Show season, celebrating the best creative work from Goldsmiths students, spanning music, theatre, fine art, design, computing and more.

Still to come in 2022

A student performer dances in the centre of a dark stage, their body is lit by stage lighting

Die Trying - Tap Out '22

A student performer sits at a table wearing a white shirt, there is a flower pot on the table in front of her. The table and performer are lit by a spotlight, the rest of the stage is dark

Raves Aren't Places to Cry - Tap Out '22

Two student performers argue at a table on a spotlit stage as part of a final year production

Lily's Inferno - Tap Out '22

Puppets resembling political figures including Boris Johnson are displayed at a student exhibition

Patrick Carden APOLOGISE! APOLOGISE! BA Design 2022

A pink sofa made of a series of different shaped cushions

Christina Angus Oasis BA Design 2022

Three brightly coloured paintings are hung in a white exhibition space, converted from a Victorian industrial-style building

Alba Botines BA Fine Art

Four blurred gloomy photographs are hung against a white wall as part of a BA Art final exhibition

Laiba Raija - BA Fine Art

A large photograph of a man is hung on a white gallery wall near a window, a pile of smaller photographs is laid out on the floor in front

Taeyung Kim - BA Fine Art

A graphic colourful painting of a man with flowers in his beard and hair

Cherry Aribisala - BA Fine Art

A orange-toned painting of a nude woman lying back on a sofa

Georgina Yaxley-Gimferrer - BA Fine Art

Header image: Hannah Chaney, BA Fine Art 2022