Degree Shows 2024

Celebrating the best creative work from Goldsmiths students, spanning music, theatre, fine art, design, computing and more.

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Highlights from 2023

A man sits on a chair on the right of a dimly lit stage. Across the rest of the stage sits six other wooden chairs and tables.

Caffeine by Youcef Hadjazi, MA Theatre and Performance 2023

A large caterpillar-like sculpture formed from colourful spheres, with a human face. A woman looks at the sculpture.

Claudia Martignetti, BA Fine Art 2023

A blue mechanical-looking sculpture sits against a completely blue backdrop.

Annabelle Lam, BA Fine Art 2023

A series of four wooden vases and vessels sitting on a table. Each vessel holds a plant.

Homegrown - A project on urban gardening by Tom Heap, BA Design 2023

A man singing on stage lit in a pink and purple hue.

Osé, PureGold 2023

A woman singing on stage with theatrical make-up. Behind her stands another musician in a jester hat and a man with spiked hair playing guitar.

Matilda and the Mannequins, PureGold 2023

A photograph lit in a green hue shows a woman sitting down. Her hair is floating in different directions.

Stuck In Between by Gabriela Vadcard Ordaz, BA Media & Communications 2023

A laptop, tablet and headphones on a white table. The laptop shows an animation on a green backdrop, whilst the tablet shows a piano keyboard and a series of blue and grey rectangles.

BSc Computing Degree Show 2023

Two people interact with a game playing on a large screen. The two people are pressing large green buttons that sit on a table in front of them.

BSc Computing Degree Show 2023