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Ten new students from Musashino Art University, Japan

13 February - 3 March 2017

For the third successive year a group of Japanese undergraduate students from Musashino Art University (MAU), Japan, attended our 3-week Intensive Art-Related English Course.  This short programme ran from 13th February until 3rd March 2017 and comprised seminars, lectures and workshops organised by the English Language Centre.  The students spent the weekends discovering London’s sights and cultural life from Brick Lane to Soho to Canary Wharf, including the three big Ms - museums, markets and musicals. However, one very important aspect of their stay here at Goldsmiths was meeting other students, and they did meet a group of Gold-Award students and many of the Art Extension students who enjoyed showing the visitors around the campus and further afield. Discussing artworks with the Art Extension students was a particular highlight for many of the students.

Rika and Mana, two Architecture students in their 3rd and 4th year respectively, expressed how much they cherished these moments and recommend that the programme should include more classes with other Art students. Another part of the course that was praised a lot were the lectures about semiotics and the YBA – “We don’t have that in Japan,” said Maho, a first-year student in Visual Communication Design. Misuzu, who studies Arts Policy and Management in her first year, emphasised how much she enjoyed the mind-mapping workshop, “I thought it was good practice for presentations” and added that “it was great fun”.     

Course designer and lead lecturer Viola Eidenbenz said the course was, as in previous years, a great success, and several students expressed a wish to return to Goldsmiths in the future, perhaps to take a Master’s degree. Centre Manager Marl’ene Edwin stated, “We will be holding a similar course next year”. Any departments who might recommend international students for this course or may want to collaborate on future short courses with an academic English element should contact ELC.