Laptop loans

You borrow a laptop to use on campus for up to 4 hours from the Library or PSH Building.

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We are unable to operate our laptop loan lockers at the moment.

Students in halls of residence who require a laptop should email who will try to accommodate any requests.

Laptop locker locations

48 laptops available for use on campus.

You can find 24 of these in the lockers in the social area at the front of the Library (Rutherford Building) and 24 in the lockers in the Professor Stuart Hall (PSH) building on the lower ground floor.

Laptop loan

Borrowing laptops

The system is really easy to use – you just scan your library card and follow the instructions on screen, similar to borrowing a book from our self-service kiosks – our staff are of course able to help.

You can borrow the laptops for 4 hours at a time.

The laptops may be borrowed from the Library or Professor Stuart Hall (PSH) Building at any time the sites are open but you need to return them to the same locker before the site closes.

See the Library's opening times.

PSH is open Monday - Friday: 0700 – 2200, Saturday: 0730 – 2200, Sunday: 0830 – 1800 during usual college opening days.

Contact the Library Help Desk if you need assistance borrowing a laptop.

Returning laptops

On returning the laptop you need to turn the laptop off, plug in the power supply and close the locker door, otherwise the laptop will remain on your Library account.

You are unable to renew a laptop remotely. You will need to take it back to the locker in order to borrow it again.


Late returns will be fined at a rate of £5 per hour (or part of an hour).

Saving work

Software installed on the laptop will erase any files you save to it to protect your personal data.

Only save to your personal drive or USB stick as work saved to the laptop will not be retrievable.

Where laptops can be used

Laptops can only be used on campus and can only connect to eduroam wi-fi.


If you cannot borrow a laptop you should contact the Library Help Desk.

For support using laptops, and to report any technical faults, contact the IT Service Desk.

Laptop loan Declaration

Each time you borrow a laptop you will be asked to agree to the following:

  • I will return the laptop by the due time/date to the locker from which it was borrowed, and if necessary report any damage to the IT Service Desk.
  • I understand that fines are payable for the late return of the laptop at a rate of £5 per hour, or part thereof.
  • I understand that this laptop is for my personal use only, and I will not borrow it on behalf of a friend or colleague, or use it for work which is not educational or personal in nature.
  • I will only save files to my personal drive or to a removable memory device, and understand that any files saved elsewhere on the laptop will be erased automatically when the laptop is shutdown or re-booted.
  • I understand that no software can be downloaded onto this laptop.
  • The College and Library Services are not responsible for any damage to the borrower’s data storage device(s), loss of data caused by software, hardware, battery failure or computer viruses.
  • I understand that if the laptop is lost, stolen or damaged in my care, I am liable to pay replacement costs in the region of £650 to £700.
  • I understand that failure to pay this invoice will result in suspension of library services and notification sent to my Head of Department.