Disability Support at the Library

Goldsmiths Library is committed to ensuring that all students can make full use of our services and facilities.

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We seek to meet the needs of students and academics by providing the best and most relevant literature in print and electronic format.

Subject librarians teach Library users to access material that will allow you to maximize all the relevant resources currently available.

 Assistive Technology Centre
Assistive Technology Centre

Students with additional support needs first need to register with the Disability Service

How to access the library building 

Information on accessible entry to the library building, locating toilets, and the availability of food can be found on accessible.co.uk.

Contact the library 

Inclusion and Support Coordinators can be contacted via email via libraryinclusion (@gold.ac.uk).

Students can also contact the following Inclusion and Support Coordinator, Sheila Faucher directly via Teams or email s.faucher (@gold.ac.uk).

They can advise on

  • Where to obtain further assistance
  • Arranging bespoke library tours
  • Creating an account to allow access to the RNIB Bookshare Service

Support provided by the library

Assistive Technology Centre 

The Assistive Technology Centre (ATC) is located on the ground floor of the library. Students registered with the Inclusion and Support team can access the ATC using their college ID card. Mind-mapping, voice-activated and text-enhancing software are available. 

Access to quiet rooms 

There are several study spaces across campus the library has designated spaces for quiet study. Students can ask at the helpdesk for further information. For specifically tailored access needs please email libraryinclusion (@gold.ac.uk).

Electronic Access to Print Material 

Students with visual or print impairments can request electronic access to print resources, advice and support for alternative formats can be suggested.

To request electronic access, contact libraryinclusion (@gold.ac.uk).

We aim to deliver your request within two working days, so provide as much notice as possible. 

Book fetching service 

Students can request books and other resources to be collected from the shelves and made available for collection from the library helpdesk.

This service is performed during times when the library is staffed. We will aim to make all available requested items available for collection within two working days.

This service can be requested by completing the online book fetching service form.

For Access requirements please email libraryinclusion (@gold.ac.uk).