Europe in Motion: Charting Changing Media Spaces and Policy in Europe

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This project examines migrant media and cultural transformations in the particular context of an enlarging Europe. Our core premise is that media and cultural policies in Europe (including at the pan-European level) are driven by a nation-based understanding and agenda and that this is in contrast with demographic, cultural and economic developments in Europe.

Research, including an extensive analysis of policy documents, conducted for the project supports this thesis. Interviews with policy makers at the European Commission highlight the mechanisms by which nation-driven media policy agenda develops at the pan-European level.

Producing case studies, the project has demonstrated that the national prism, driving pan-European media and cultural policies, leads to shortcomings in the way media is theorized as creating a sense of belonging and identity. Our research suggests that cosmopolitanism and transnationalism provide better conceptual frameworks in this respect.

The national prism also leads to the creation of media policies that ignore significant numbers of Europeans – including migrants and Europe’s Roma. Roma media are particularly vulnerable and under-researched. Transnational migrants do not necessarily find the nation focussed media helpful in building a sense of belonging or identification with the country of their residence. In a number of European countries we have found city media or religious media are more readily embraced in this respect.

Shifting media geographies and European borders have also informed our case studies. One case study, of a television station that broadcasts in a number of countries of former Yugoslavia, illustrates that previously shared and disrupted European media spaces are reconstituted - a fact that is not reflected, acknowledged or supported in European media policies. The case of the Pink TV, a privately owned media company, maps this development in former Yugoslavia and questions the dominant reliance on public service broadcasters in European countries in their role of creating a shared public sphere.

Project team:

Professor Kevin Robins

Monika Metykova

Project news

Symposium 2009: Media, Diversity and Cosmopolitanism in Europe took place on 28th November 2009


Kevin Robins convened a 'plenary conversation' with Charlie Gillett (BBC World Service) and Robin Denselow (Guardian and BBC) at the "Migrating music: Media, politics and style" conference at SOAS, July 2009


Interviews with media policy makers conducted in Brussels at the various European Commission directorates


Monika Metykova presented a paper at the ‘Beyond East and West: Two Decades of Media Transformation after the Fall of Communism’ conference in Budapest, Hungary.


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