Spatial Biopolitics collective group project

Student work

The 2020 Spatial Biopolitics collective group project researched the spatial politics of contact, networking, and distancing in the time of Coronavirus.

Screenshot from video of Contakt Collective manifesto, posted on YouTube 22 May 2020 (

The group's research was published in their self-published Contact Collective journal (PDF).

"We are a collective of researchers brought together in the Visual Cultures Department of Goldsmiths, University of London, exploring social space in a time of human capital and social distance.

We experienced this pandemic together as students, as carers, as workers, as immigrants, & we faced our fellow students leaving the country & returning to various time zones, lockdown restrictions, political tensions, and numerous personal crises – yet we continued reaching out to one another.

We speak as: researchers, artists, writers, internationals, art historians, curators, thinking activists, philosophy nerds."

Find out more about Contact Collective on Instagram.