History Postgraduate Taught modules


This is an indicative list of modules available in at PGT level.  Each is worth 30 credits.  A selection from this list is offered each year and that selection is subject to staff availability.

Module title Credits
History of Violence 30 credits
Healing, Magic and Mindfulness on the Silk Roads 30 credits
Media, Culture and Empire in Early Modern Venice 30 credits
Ireland’s First World War 30 Credits
Global Queer Subjectivities 30 credits
Let's go places. Queer History through a Spatial Lense 30 credits
Queer History in Practice 30 Credits
Queer Public History 30 credits
The British Empire to the Empire Windrush 30 credits
The Postcolonial City: Migration, Society, and Culture in London 30 credits
Media Histories of Black Britain 30 credits
Regional Histories of Black Britain 30 Credits