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Aarushi Matiyani: 'Stitched Sedition' (2021). Photograph by Will Hugh Harvey.

The Christine Risley Award is a cash prize awarded by the Goldsmiths Textile Collection & Constance Howard Gallery to a graduating Goldsmiths student for outstanding work relating to textiles, in memory of Christine Risley.

The Christine Risley Award Winner 2021

Aarushi Matiyani

The Goldsmiths Textile Collection and Constance Howard Gallery are delighted to announce the 2021 Christine Risley Award Winner as Design graduate, Aarushi Matiyani. 

Aarushi’s work, Stitched Sedition, is a continuously growing archive on textile that records the district-wide network shutdowns in India. Having analysed open source data, Aarushi created a visual language that encoded district, duration, cause and networks affected by shutdowns. Addressing the vital issue of repression of democratic expression, the embroidery, and the act of embroidering, is at once both a means of archiving a story and a performative piece that facilitates a conversation.

Guest judge Katie Simpson (Curator, Jupiter Woods) comments, ‘Aarushi’s commitment to documenting the network shutdowns in India is an act of solidarity and protest that extends beyond the work itself; she performs - through her hands and bodily labour – her own blackout, by working ‘away from keyboard’ to archive the timelines of those excluded from the digital space. Aarushi is raising awareness through a time-based work that continuously evolves, lengthens and extends and I have a strong desire to revisit and spend time with the piece again. One for the archive, this work also acts as a vital map or data sheet, documenting a moment in 21st century history that can be referred to in the future. This is therefore an important work, exemplifying the power of art in engaging with the political and social issues of our time.

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The Christine Risley Award is open to any final year undergraduate student currently enrolled in the Art or Design Departments at Goldsmiths. The prize acknowledges the diversity and plurality of contemporary textile practice.  Work must be practice-based / creative but may encompass any media.

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About Christine Risley

A textile artist, Christine Risley (1926–2003) was a key member of Constance Howard’s remarkable and innovative department of textiles, where she set up the machine embroidery area in the 1960s and published a series of books on embroidery. She saw herself as a modern woman, encouraging her students to be adventurous in both work and life.