Year 1 History options


This is an indicative list of the option modules available in Year 1. Not all modules always run every year and modules are dependent on staff availability. All modules are worth 15-credits and run for ten weeks in one term, usually the spring term.

Module title Credits
Anti-Semitism: An East-Central European History, 1879-1939
Art and Power in the Early Modern Mediterranean
Belfast, Cork and Dublin at War, 1912-23
The Crusades: Christian and Muslim perspectives
Introduction to the History of Medicine
Ireland and the World 1919-1992
London Lives: People’s History through Digital Archives
Public Words, Private Lives: How Print Culture Impacted on Everyday Life in Britain 1850-1950
Queer Lives: Microhistory and the LGBTQ Past
Radical Enlightenment: Debates That Changed Europe
Stones, Words and Images: the Balkans from the Middle Ages until the present day