Current Research


We are currently involved in a range of projects. A brief overview is available here. If you would like any more information about any of these, please get in touch with us:

We welcome placement students and queries from those interested in PhD study

The Pre-School Project: Sleep, Sensory Processing and Behaviour in 3 to 5s.

We are currently recruiting families of three year olds for our study of pre-school behaviour. In collaboration with Professor Alice Gregory of the GoldSleep Lab, we aim to investigate how sleep and sensory processing predict social and emotional behaviour in pre-schoolers.

The study will run for two years, and during that time we will run an active blog about research on the pre-schooler period, live chats with experts (on sleep, physical activity, language, behaviour, and other topics!), and feedback on the progress of our study. Participating families will be asked to complete a fairly short set of questionnaires three times during that two year period, hopefully taking no more than about 30 minutes each time.

You can sign up for our project here


Tales Toolkit, and the development of social problem-solving and creativity in pre-school

We are delighted to be working with Tales Toolkit, investigating the development of social problem-solving and creativity across the pre-school period. Tales Toolkit are working with schools across the UK, and we will be following their progress. We’ll provide reports here as they are ready, but if you are interested in finding out more about Tales Toolkit, then have a look here.


Mindkit: Talking about mental health in schools

Funded by a grant awarded to five local Mind groups across London, the Mindkit project trains young volunteers, many with lived experience of mental health issues, to provide training sessions in schools and other youth organisations about mental health and well-being. We are evaluating this project over three years, including following volunteer well-being trainers, and asking for feedback from young people and organisations.

This project will run for another year, and interim reports are available on request. We will also be presenting data from this project at the BPS Educational Psychology section conference in October 2016.


Outcomes for students with autism in secondary settings

Funded by the National Autistic Society, this project is investigating outcomes of new autism bases in secondary schools in Surrey. Over the next five years, we will follow students across their school career, with a broad focus on academic, social and emotional outcomes.


School without Sanctions

For the past three years, we have been working with Kilgarth School in Birkenhead to support and evaluate a move to a school ethos without sanctions. Kilgarth is a specialist secondary school for students with social, emotional and mental health needs, and has been running a system focusing on reward and responsibility for the past year. Together, Alice and the team from Kilgarth have also presented their work to the Senior Management Team of Wrexham Super Prison and will run a workshop in Understanding and Managing Confrontational Behaviour in November 2016. You can read more about our work with Kilgarth here.