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Short Courses Starting in January 2017

Soul/Jazz/Gospel Vocals

Come and explore soul, jazz and gospel music, build your confidence and develop your singing skills in a safe, enjoyable and creative atmosphere with others.

Media Music – Composing for Media, Film and TV

If you want a career as a composer for film, TV and media but are unsure how to get started, this course will give you the essential professional knowledge and skills to understand how the industry works and get your work noticed.

Music Production: Mixing and Mastering

This course teaches you how to mix audio and master from start to finish. A good mix is an essential ingredient of the recording process and our experienced tutors can give you the insight and skills to make your mix sound professional.

Masters of Sex: Feminisms, Sexuality and the Media

This course is a perfect introduction into feminist studies and queer studies in relationship to media and the archive. The archive holds an increasingly important place within feminist and queer scholarship. We will question how LGBTQ artists, activists and community organisations use the archive in their cultural interventions.  

Black Britain: A History of Struggle and Triumph

What is the origin of the London carnival? Why is Bob Marley and reggae music so popular in Britain? Why is Brixton, Peckham and Hackney and other boroughs in London so vibrant with Caribbean music, food, styles, ways of speaking and culture?

Ideas for successful scriptwriting

Before embarking on the challenging processes of scriptwriting, it's vital to know where your story ideas come from and where they're going. This course offers a secure framework from which to devise and develop story ideas for successful scriptwriting. This is achieved by analyzing structures, stories and characters from short films viewed on the course. You then design working story templates. The templates provide a solid foundation from which to write scripts after the course.

Introduction to Cultural Theory

This short course introduces you to key figures, theories and approaches in cultural theory and the broader contexts in which such theories have applied.

Myth, Ritual and Magic: Introducing the Anthropology of Religion

This course introduces an anthropological perspective on religion, examining its social role in diverse cross-cultural contexts as well as investigating the societal, evolutionary and psychological significance of religious behaviours with regard to understanding what, if anything, constitutes ‘human nature’.

Culture, Society and the Making of Humanity: Introducing Anthropology

Why do we identify with some social groups more than others? How do every day activities such as shopping inform our sense of group belonging? Human behaviour, culture and society pose many questions for all of us and through the discipline of anthropology - the study of humans - we can reveal important insights into language, race, marriage, religion, sex and other defining features of our humanity.

Anthropology, The Paranormal, and Popular Culture

The course will explore what is meant by 'the paranormal', and examine the claim that the intersection between paranormal beliefs with popular culture – both online and within televisual media (including films, TV dramas and reality shows such as the ‘Paranormal Activity’ franchise, ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Most Haunted’’) - constitutes an alternative to ‘traditional’ forms of religiosity in contemporary Euro-American societies.

Short Course - Music Production: Studio Recording

This course is designed for musicians, sound artists and prospective sound engineers. Based on advanced studio recording techniques, the course addresses the optimal approach to high quality home and on-location recording techniques.

Field Recording and the Soundscape

This course is suitable for those new to phonography and for those who want to improve the quality of their recordings.  Beneficial for artists working with sound and those who are ready to invest in more professional equipment.