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Study Abroad

Our Study Abroad programme gives international students the opportunity to live, study and socialise with Goldsmiths undergraduate students for one or two terms, or the full academic year

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Whether you want to come for a full year or for just a term, there are different options for joining us

Why study in London?

London has been voted the best city in the world and is an amazing place to be a student

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Details of tuition fees and living costs for Study Abroad students

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Contact details, transport information and map of how to get to Goldsmiths


Everything you need to know about student housing, private accommodation, how to apply and more

Student life

What's it like being a student at Goldsmiths?

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Whoever you are, Goldsmiths will transform the way you look at yourself and the world around you. We study subjects in creative and unconventional ways, but everything we do is based on the highest academic standards of teaching and research. 

"The Study Abroad programme at Goldsmiths is very long established and successful. For over 40 years students have been joining us for a few months or a year, quickly becoming a full member of the Goldsmiths community and returning home with experience, insights and personal connections that they would takewith them throughout their lives.

At Goldsmiths we want to give you the chance to learn about all of the things that we teach and reseach here. We are unusual to this respect, making almost all of our degree modules available as Study Abroad module options so that you have equal access to the intellectual soul of the University and leave feeling like true part of the Goldsmiths family. As a proof of our commitment in this respect, if you ever wish to return for further study, we will include you in our Alumni Award Scheme, giving you a generous discount on your postgraduate tuition fees.

As a Study Abroad student at Goldsmiths you are a highly valued member of the University, and we want you to feel well supported and fully integrated into student life. 

You will live and study alongside degree students and have access to all the same study, social and creative facilities as well as the excellent support services.

My colleagues and I look forward to welcoming you to London and to Goldsmiths so you cna discover these things for yourself."

Charley Robinson, Head of International Recruitment and Student Mobility