Rubab Workshops

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rubab instrument

The rubab is a short-necked double-chambered plucked lute with three main strings (tuned in 4ths), four frets (giving 12 semitones to the octave), two or three long drone strings, and up to fifteen sympathetic strings. It is regarded as the national instrument of Afghanistan.

Professor John Baily, Head of AMU, will conduct a series of occasional workshops on rubab performance at Goldsmiths on the following Wednesdays:

12 October, 16 November and 14 December 2011

18 January, 7 March, 4 April and 9 May 2012

The workshops are informal, with each student receiving individual attention according to his/her needs. The workshops are open to Goldsmiths’ students and others from outside. There is no charge. Those who wish to participate need to have a rubab in their possession. Please contact John Baily if you wish to participate.

Workshops take place in Room 268 in the Richard Hoggart Building, 3.00–6.00 pm.