Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are collaborative projects which link forward thinking businesses and not-for-profits with the UK's world class knowledge bases to deliver innovation projects led by inspired graduates.

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Funded through Innovate UK, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) and Management KTPs (mKTPs) are a three-way collaboration between:

  • ​​A university (or research organisation)
  • Company or not-for-profit organisation (including some public sector organisations)
  • Talented graduate/postgraduate (a KTP Associate) specifically recruited and employed by the university to work within the business or not-for-profit, with support from an academic

Each KTP project lasts between 12 and 36 months, depending on the time required to deliver real outcomes. Typically, the academic member of staff commits half a day per week to the KTP project.

KTPs can help your business or not-for-profit:

  • Embed expertise, generate new knowledge, expand capability and foster a culture of innovation
  • Drive competitive advantage through accelerated innovation and the possibility of creating Intellectual Property
  • Gain privileged and cost-effective access to the UK’s world-class knowledge base and resources
  • Increase revenue/profits through access to new markets, new product development, increased productivity and better processes
  • Benefit from the strategic input of a highly experienced Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Part of the cost of a KTP is funded by a grant from Innovate UK that you apply for, and there is a success rate for applications of around 90%. The remainder of the project cost is met by your organisation.

Project costs are typically around £75,000 – £90,000 per project year. The grant rate is:

  • For not-for-profit organisations: 75% of the project cost
  • For small and medium-sized enterprises: 67% of the project cost
  • For large companies: 50% of the project cost

The cost of a KTP is comparable to employing a well-qualified graduate, but includes so much more.

Management KTPs

These are designed to boost business capabilities through embedding management expertise. They work in the same way as KTPs, but can be focussed on the operational and organisational elements of your business or not-for-profit.

Management KTPs are well suited to research expertise in our Institute of Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship and Institute of Management Studies.

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