About the Centre for the Study of the Balkans

We think creatively and radically about the Balkans, and conduct world-leading research.

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Goldsmiths is home to scholars from various disciplinary backgrounds - particularly those based in the departments of History, Politics, Anthropology and Sociology - with research interests in the Balkans.

We bring together this expertise and provides platform for inter-departmental collaboration and interdisciplinary dialogue, within Goldsmiths and between the Centre and the College and other academic institutions, in the UK and abroad.

The Balkans is a peninsula in south-eastern Europe which includes, broadly speaking, former Yugoslavia, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Turkey, but the region cannot be understood by geography alone.

Complex historical and cultural legacies - such as those of the Byzantine, Ottoman and Habsburg imperial rules - and interaction of major religions - Eastern Orthodoxy, Sunni Islam and Roman Catholicism - have created a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-confessional mosaic that survives despite numerous ethnic and religious conflicts that have shaped the region, together with as numerous examples of coexistence and interaction.

The Balkans provides a fertile ground for further exploration of issues relevant to research carried out across Goldsmiths, such as the study of past and present cultures, societies and identities, nationalism, ethnic conflict, transitional justice, multiculturalism, relationship between faiths - issues that are also relevant for an understanding of today’s world and challenges it is facing.

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