Decadence Research Centre

Decadence Research Centre

We are an interdisciplinary and collaborative research hub in the Departments of ECW and Theatre and Performance bringing together an international community of scholars working in the highly distinctive field of Decadence, from antiquity to the present.

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The DRC is home to the interdisciplinary online journal, Volupté, and the British Association of Decadence Studies (BADS), providing intellectual anchorage for the international community of Decadence scholars, from established academics to aspiring postgraduates.

The Decadence Research Centre, formerly the Decadence Research Unit in ECW founded in 2017, was established with a view to engaging and advancing the rapidly growing field of Decadence studies.  By bringing together the international community of academics and practitioners from across the UK and beyond, the DRC aims to provide coordination for international research collaborations and funding bids.  Its objective is the exploration of the field of Decadence in the broadest sense, from the perspective of various cultures and multiple disciplines, from antiquity to the present day, including written, visual, performative, and audible texts, in English and in other languages.

We welcome proposals from externally-funded researchers who would benefit from being associated with the DRC, its resources and networks.  Enquiries should be directed to Professor Jane Desmarais - j.desmarais (

Goldsmiths is part of the CHASE AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership. If you are interested in studying for an MPhil/PhD or post-doctoral research in Decadence Studies at Goldsmiths, please email Jane Desmarais j.desmarais ( for more information.

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