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Position Lecturer in Design Education
Department Design
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Phone +44 (0)20 7919 7779

My research interests are two fold. The first pathway is based on the use of CAD/CAM as a tool for creative development in the classroom. The focus is very much on the impact of new textiles technology and use of ICT  in the classroom and the strategies employed by both the teacher and the learner, in applying this technology to their work.

My second pathway is evolving from my current Phd research: based on the development of Dorcas Clubs, as used by Caribbean women on arrival in the UK in the 50’s and 60’s. It is based on the notion of female ‘textile’ networks as a catalyst for social, and economic change. Using life and oral stories to tell the untold, the textiles created by these networks embody both material culture and diasporic tales. It is these textiles and the clubs that evolved, that may provide new ways of thinking about ‘networks’ and their place in textile design and innovation.

Current projects and collaborations include:

  • CAD/CAM and ICT in Textiles Technology in the CAD/CAM Initiaitve
  • Developing new approaches to Computerised Embroidery with Brother UK
  • Breaking the Rules- What it means to be Avant garde – Young Researchers Project with The British Library and 1st Year BA Ed Undergraduates
  • Project 1-  Developing virtual tours of objects in the Riblatt Gallery for the visually impaired– a Design Project  with the British Library
  • Smart Textiles – A Interactive DVD in development in conjunction with the Industrial Trust and Pumpkin TV


BA ED Design, PGCE D&T  MA Design Futures, MA Design Education


Book Section

Plan for An Activity in Mind
Vishmidt, Marina. 2015. Plan for An Activity in Mind. In: John Cunningham; Anthony Iles; Mira Mattar and Marina Vishmidt, eds. Anguish Language: Writing and Crisis. Berlin: Archive Books. ISBN 978-3-943620-30-6

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