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Phillip Crewe

Technical Tutor
phillip.crewe ( (0)20 7919 7791

Philip is a designer/maker. His practice espergaerde explores that fascinating wiggly weirdness between people and things.

He creates everyday objects whose significance is defined through the relationships people cultivate with them. These are storied objects – objects that are valued for how they are made and relevant in how they are used. Much of Philip’s work is dictated by his skill as a woodturner. However, over the years, espergaerde has come to encompass a disparate collection of projects that span craft, communication and industrial design.

He studied at the Royal College of Arts and has previously worked at Sebastian Cox Furniture, Echo Brand Design and FIAT Auto. Whilst at the RCA he researched extensively into vernacular creativity, intrigued to unpack the mechanisms behind how the vernacular sets aside what is true/real/authentic and gets on with making. The research exposed that vernacular creativity is invariably more successful at affecting culture than the creative class. These notions led Philip to grow his practice, placing more emphasis on creating objects that facilitate behaviour – resilient props for creativity.

His areas of expertise include wood, metal and sketch-modelling.

Phillip Crewe website:


Faith Denham

Technical Tutor
faith ( (0)20 7919 7777

Faith works across the computing labs and the workshop areas of the Department. She specialises in Imaging (still and moving), digital 2D & 3D design and manufacturing, textiles and screen-printing.

She is the producer of interactive works including site specific installations and online pieces and her areas of interest include memory & perception, and conflict & territories. Her work has been exhibited internationally and she has been a returning judge for Indiecade (International Festival of Independent Games).


BA Design, MA Design Expanded Practice

Featured Works

Faith’s work has featured at the following events,

Serious Game Festival 2011 IndieCade, Seongnam City, South Korea, 7-9 October 2010. 34.0, Dublin, Ireland, 19 March 2009

National College of Art & Design Presentation, Dublin, Ireland, 19 March 2009

IndieCade @ Game City Presentation & Installation, Nottingham, UK, 30 October – 1 November 2008.

Pecha Kucha Presentation, Canberra, Australia, 13 August 2008.

ISEA2008 Paper & Presentation, Singapore, 26 July 2008.  

Indiecade E3 Showcase, Los Angeles, USA, 15 – 17 July 2008.

Best in Show: The Digital Hub Exhibition, Dublin, Ireland, 9 November 2007.  

Cyber Games Festival Exhibition, Dublin, Ireland, 15-16 September 2007.

Test Lab: V2_ Exhibition, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 12 July 2007.

Jameson Davis

Senior Workshop Technician
j.davis (

Claire Heathcote

Technical Tutor (Textiles)

Claire's textiles based practice incorporates a wide range of techniques such as digital and hand embroidery, CAD/CAM technologies, screen printing and pattern cutting.

Specific areas of interest include use of stitching/embroidery as a method of recording or drawing and an ongoing fascination with the incorporation of more "unusual" or nontraditional materials within embroidery/embellishment. She has specifically commissioned work held in the Crafts Council Collection and is a member of Contemporary Applied Arts, London.

Photo of Liboni Munnings

Liboni Munnings

Technical Tutor
l.munnings (

Liboni is a London-based photographer and film-maker.

His photographic work is often observational and exploratory, searching for interesting moments, light, colors, shapes and perspectives. His video work aims to combine his eye for compositions with his interest in story-telling, lighting, movement and camerawork. 

He works on his own self initiated projects as well as commercial and commissioned projects.


Technical Studies: Image and Filmmaking, Year One and Year Two, BA Design

Richard Brett

Senior Workshop Tutor
r.brett ( (0)20 7919 7459

Richard Brett is a Senior Workshop Tutor in the Design department workshops.

His background designing and making sustainable bespoke furniture, interiors and domestic products informs his teaching and research interests, which links design, making, materials, sustainability and consumption. He believes that the ability to make things helps us to connect with our natural surroundings through a tactile appreciation of materials, tools and technology. Richard teaches making and sustainability at undergraduate, PGCE and post graduate level. He is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Photo of Cindy Strobach

Cindy Strobach

Workshop Tutor
c.strobach (

Cindy is a graduate of Design Products, RCA, and one half of Unit Lab.

Cindy is a graduate of Design Products, RCA, and one half of Unit Lab. Exploring processes such as printing with electricity to reveal the hidden world of electronic circuitry found in domestic appliances, to making rulers for weighing objects and table lights for geographical orientation, Unit Lab designs products that take science out of the lab and into our daily lives. Her areas of expertise lie within plastic fabrication, textiles and moulding & casting. She is in the workshop Mondays and Tuesdays.

Cindy Strobach Website:

Andrew Weatherhead

Senior Workshop Tutor
a.weatherhead ( (0)20 7919 7777

As Senior Workshop Tutor, Andrew manages the workshop fabrication areas within Design and teaches at both under graduate and post graduate level.

A ceramicist with a practice-based background as a designer/maker, artist in residence and involvement with educational outreach programs within schools, Andrew's practice has evolved to embrace digital fabrication technologies and rapid prototyping. His principal area of interest lies within the relationship between digital manufacturing and the intuitive skills of the maker.