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Photo of Yemi Awosile

Yemi Awosile

Associate Lecturer
y.awosile (

Yemi’s work is informed by cultural insights expressed primarily through textiles and printed matter. The broader scope of her practice bridges design and visual arts through social interventions.

John Backwell

Lecturer in Design and Technology
j.backwell (

John specialises in learning environments, cognitive development and ICT as both a learning and a teaching tool.

Photo of Edward Bagenal

Edward Bagenal

Lecturer in Design

Edward's research is broadly focused on investigating the nature of the curation of authority through its manifestations in material culture and the democratisation of access to governance and agency in civic systems.

Photo of Tuur van Balen

Tuur van Balen

Lecturer in Design
tuur.vanbalen (

Tuur’s practice explores processes of production as cultural, social and political practices.

Photo of Stuart Bannocks

Stuart Bannocks

Lecturer in Design, Programme Lead BA Design
s.bannocks (

Tuur’s practice explores processes of production as cultural, social and political practices.

Photo of Andy Boucher

Andy Boucher

Senior Lecturer, Co-Director of the Interaction Research Studio
a.boucher (

Andy is a designer and maker, developing practice-based approaches centred on the production of interactive devices.

Alan Bright

Lecturer in D&T Education, PGCE D&T Programme Leader
a.bright (

Alan's interests include the use of digital portfolios to support assessment, the promotion of creativity in the classroom and effective the development of mentoring skills and the role of school mentors in the training of outstanding teachers.

Duncan Fairfax

Head of Department
d.fairfax (

Duncan’s areas of research are the discourses of contemporary ecology, sustainability and environmental ethics.

Roberto Feo

Professor of Design
R.Feo (

Roberto Feo is a partner in the multidisciplinary design studio EL ULTIMO GRITO, winners of the 2012 London Design Medal.

Photo of Sandra Fruebing

Sandra Fruebing

Lecturer – Graduate Design Diploma
s.fruebing (

Sandra is a social designer whose work is informed by cultural observation and carried out through direct collaborations with the general public.

Photo of Sam Gathercole

Sam Gathercole

Associate Lecturer in Design
s.gathercole (

Sam’s research centres on modernist art and architecture, ranging from modern and contemporary art to design subjects.

Photo of Professor William Gaver

Professor William Gaver

Professor of Design, Co-Director of the Interaction Research Studio
w.gaver (

Bill’s research concerns design-led methodologies and innovative technologies for everyday life.

Photo of Rebecca Glyn-Blanco

Rebecca Glyn-Blanco

Associate Lecturer
r.glyn-blanco (

Rebecca's work is concerned with migration and its systems, displacement of people and their representation in material and visual culture.

Photo of Sean Hall

Sean Hall

Lecturer in Design
s.hall (

Sean researches the ways designed objects have normalising conditions of production and categories of consumption.

Photo of Arjun Harrison Mann

Arjun Harrison Mann

Lecturer in Design
a.harrison-mann (

Arjun is a London-based designer, activist and advocate for dialogue, whose practice proposes the role of dialogical design in Post-Visual Communication.

Photo of Liam Healy

Liam Healy

Lecturer in Design
l.healy (

Liam is an associate lecturer and tutor in studio practice on the BA Design.

Photo of Ruby Hoette

Ruby Hoette

Lecturer in Design
r.hoette (

Ruby is a designer/researcher exploring fashion in context, seeking to expand what constitutes fashion practice.

Photo of Tobie Kerridge

Tobie Kerridge

Lecturer in Design, Director of Research
t.kerridge (

Tobie is committed to taking a collaborative and speculative approach to design.

Photo of Carolyn Kirschner

Carolyn Kirschner

Associate Lecturer
C.Kirschner (

Carolyn is a designer and researcher with a background in architecture. Her work explores entanglements of humans, non-humans, bits, bytes, ecologies and emerging technologies.

Photo of Juliette Kristensen

Juliette Kristensen

Lecturer in Design
j.kristensen (

Juliette is a design researcher, theorist and historian with a background in cultural studies and critical theory.

Photo of Dash MacDonald

Dash MacDonald

Lecturer in Design
D.MacDonald (

Dash creates participatory projects centred on popular education and critical and creative citizenship participation.

Photo of Naho Matsuda

Naho Matsuda

Associate Lecturer
M.Matsuda (

Naho has interests in social engagement and interactive experiences, using performance, objects and installation.

Photo of Katherine May

Katherine May

Lecturer in Design
katherine.may (

Katherine works as a designer/researcher, examining the life of textile materials through research and making.

Photo of Nicholas Mortimer

Nicholas Mortimer

Lecturer in Design
N.Mortimer (

Nicholas is a designer who explores the construction of narratives that surround technological progress.

Photo of Soomi Park

Soomi Park

Lecturer in Design
s.park (

Soomi’s work discusses the complex relationship between emerging technologies and human desires.

Photo of Sarah Pennington

Sarah Pennington

Lecturer in Design
sarahpennington (

Sarah has been teaching at Goldsmiths since 2015 as an Associate Lecturer in Design, and tutors on BA Contextual Studies and MA Expanded Practice.

Photo of Laura Potter

Laura Potter

Senior Lecturer
l.potter (

Laura’s specialist background is in craft, particularly concerning the theory and practice of contemporary jewellery.

Photo of Corinne Quin

Corinne Quin

Lecturer in Design
c.quin (

Corinne's work explores how narrative, images and materiality are involved in the production of space.

Photo of Pete Rogers

Pete Rogers

Senior Computing Tutor (

Pete’s interests are in physical computing, mapping-geolocation, crowd theory and participative sensing.

Photo of Naama Schendar

Naama Schendar

Lecturer in Design
naama.schendar (

Naama Schendar is a performer, director and filmmaker. Her work explores how narrative, speculation and the body are involved in the construction of socio-political norms.

Photo of Rose Sinclair

Rose Sinclair

Lecturer in Design Education
r.sinclair (

Rose is interested in the use of CAD/CAM for creative development and the textile history of Caribbean women in the UK.

Photo of Mathilda Tham

Mathilda Tham

Lecturer in Design
m.tham (

Mathilda’s work sits in a positive, creative and activist space between design, futures studies and sustainability.

Photo of Mike Waller

Mike Waller

Professor of Design and Innovation
m.waller (

Mike's research continues to develop design innovation research through Goldsmiths Prospecting and Innovation Studio (Pi Studio).

Photo of Matt Ward

Matt Ward

Senior Lecturer
m.ward (

Matt’s research spans a wide range of interests from speculative design to radical pedagogy

Photo of Dr Alex Wilkie

Dr Alex Wilkie

Reader in Design and Social Science
a.wilkie (

Alex Wilkie is Reader in Design and Social Science and he is Director of the Centre for Invention and Social Process (CISP) hosted by the Department of Sociology at Goldsmiths.

Photo of Professor John Wood

Professor John Wood

Emeritus Professor in Design
j.wood (

John devised electronic toys and interactive installations, before adapting his approach to inventing and performing.