Jimmy Loizeau

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PositionLecturer in Design
Department Design
Email j,loizeau (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone+44 (0)20 7919 7777
Jimmy Loizeau

Jimmy Loizeau's projects are intended to exist on, or just inside the peripheries of possibility. These new systems, schemes or products provide an altered view on how we might interact with infrastructural systems or technologies for better or for worse exploring design possibilities through inclusive speculation. Projects like the Afterlife Project (2002) explore contemporary faith systems, whilst the Audio Tooth Implant (2001) proposes the next stage of in body communications technology and The Illegal Town Plan (2013-) looks at inclusive structures and strategies for local engagement in large scale town planning schemes.



Sublime Gadgets
Loizeau, Jimmy and Auger, James. 2012. Sublime Gadgets.

Carnivorous Domestic Entertainment Robots
Loizeau, Jimmy; Auger, James and Zivanovic, Alex. 2008. Carnivorous Domestic Entertainment Robots.

The Afterlife
Loizeau, Jimmy and Auger, James. 2008. The Afterlife.


Interstitial Space Helmet (ISH)
Loizeau, Jimmy and Auger, James. 2008. Interstitial Space Helmet (ISH). In: "Design and the Elastic Mind", Museum of Modern Art, New York, United States, 2008.


Loizeau, Jimmy; Auger, James and Agamanolis, Stefan. 2004. Iso-phone. The designer.

Audio tooth implant
Loizeau, Jimmy and Auger, James. 2002. Audio tooth implant. The designer.

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