Arjun Harrison Mann

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Position Lecturer in Design
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Arjun Harrison Mann

Arjun Harrison-Mann is a London-based designer, activist and advocate for dialogue, whose practice proposes the role of dialogical design in Post-Visual Communication. Having studied MA Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art, Arjun is also co-founder of Studio Hyte and takes part in multiple lectures, debates and workshops. Through both his collaborative and individual practice, he is keen to explore alternative methods of engagement, where both the subject matter and participant are considered in equal measure.

Often driven by the causes closest to his heart, Arjun's practice currently engages in the ongoing Disability Benefit Cuts that are taking place in the UK, in which the British government have been found guilty of 'grave or systematic violations' of disabled peoples human rights by the United Nations. Through engaging in this subject via the framework of dialogical design, Arjun is currently creating work that responds to the disability benefit distribution system implemented by tech giants Atos & Capita and along with Benjamin Redgrove is collaborating with DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts) in order to create tools to facilitate alternative protest for deaf and disabled people.