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Nicholas Mortimer is a designer who explores the construction of narratives that surround technological progress as well as the social, cultural and political tools used to design change. He produces work that is concerned with the way in which reality, its representation and performance can be designed or deployed. Working across a wide range of media, from scenography to virtual reality. His recent works 'Ballad of the Ops Ruin' and 'Celestial Chat Bots Chat' were formed as experiments in human-computer performance, utilising emerging forms of authorship and characterisation in order to design new ways of considering research and speculation.

 Nicholas exhibits widely, as well as maintaining a professional practice in exhibition and production design. His research is focused on design mythologies which embody  technological aspirations and anxieties. Recent projects have been produced in collaboration with the Critical Media Lab, the Stafford Beer Archive, The V&A, Crate Gallery and Viborg Kunsthal.