Laura Potter

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Position Senior Lecturer
Department Design
Email l.potter (
Phone +44 (0)20 7717 2290
Laura Potter

Laura Potter is a Senior Lecturer and currently leader of the BA Design third year. Laura’s specialist background is in craft, and her work is primarily concerned with the theory and practice of contemporary jewellery and adornment. Her pieces are regularly featured in exhibitions and she has worked with a diverse range of external organisations, such as Craftspace, The Florence Nightingale School of Midwifery and museumaker. In 2010 she received a JerwoodContemporary Makers’ award. Laura is one quarter of DWFE; a Goldsmiths-based collaborative design group, whose work is a critique on contemporary consumption and taste.

Publications and research outputs


Ward, Matt; Loizeau, Jimmy and Potter, Laura. 2012. Recreational Bombs; Milan = Boom. In: "Hacked – 100 hours of rebellious imagination", La Rinascente, Piazza Duomo, Italy.


Potter, Laura. 2014. Fantasy Antiques Roadshow. Crafting Narratives: Storytelling through Objects,

Art Object

Potter, Laura. 2015. Mascara Rorschachs.

Potter, Laura. 2015. Early Recollections.

Potter, Laura. 2015. Ornaments and Armaments.

Potter, Laura. 2011. An incomplete archive of unfinished ideas.

Potter, Laura and Cheung, Lin. 2011. Pas de Deux.

Potter, Laura. 2010. Love from Berlin.

Artist's Book

Potter, Laura. 2015. Fictional Final Goal [book].


Potter, Laura. 2015. We have always been able to make wonderful things.


Potter, Laura. 2015. Fictional Final Goal.