Dash MacDonald

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Position Lecturer in Design
Department Design
Email D.MacDonald (@gold.ac.uk)
Dash MacDonald

Dash Macdonald works as part of the design action group Dash n’ Dem. Wide-ranging participatory projects centre on popular education and critical and creative citizenship participation. The open-ended, collaborative structure of their practice explores how co-creation can act as a form of activism that empowers different audiences to confront and reimagine reality.

Dash n’ Dem make work that aims to make politics more assessable and engaging. For instance, providing a group of teenagers at the South London Gallery with a David Cameron lookalike to take over and create their own party political broadcast in the run up to the 2015 UK general election. Or, revisiting an 80’s post-punk compilation cassette Dump it on Parliament produced in opposition to a proposed nuclear waste dump in Bedfordshire, inviting emerging bands today to develop cover versions and write new songs of protest.

Recently, Dash n’ Dem worked with Slix and Prince Rapid from one of the original Grime crews, the Ruff Sqwad, to use grime as a young people’s political language and way to engage teenagers from Tower Hamlets with issues like workers’ rights and corporate greed that connect the Lea Rivers past and present. Produced for the ‘odd soundtrack’, an alternative guide to The Leaway, commissioned by Create London.