Richard Kimbell

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Position Emeritus Professor of Design Education
Department Design
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Phone +44 (0)20 7919 7780


BAEd, PGCE, MA and PhD supervision concerning teaching learning and assessment

Areas of supervision

I have successfully completed supervisons with 12 PhD students since 1994, with two currently underway. My research student supervision is located in the following broadly defined areas:

  • design teaching and learning
  • performance assessment
  • national policy in curriculum and assessment)
  • creativity, imagination and design
  • learning spaces and resources
  • design practice notation and analysis
  • research methods in practice domains

Research Interests

In 1990 I founded the Technology Education Research Unit (TERU) and have since directed research projects for Research Councils (eg ESRC), government departments (eg DfID, DfES, DCSF), industry (eg LEGO), charitable bodies (eg NESTA), Design and Science museums in London and professional organisations (eg Engineering Council). Projects have also been run with overseas agencies including the National Science Foundation in the USA, the National Academies in Washington, the North West Province Curriculum Council in South Africa, and the West Australia Curriculum Council.

The projects I have directed in the last RAE round (2001-2007) are listed below (see Grants and Awards) and are typically centred on aspects of curriculum and assessment in schools. The most recent focus of our work (project e-scape) is based on the dynamic creation of e-portfolios - using hand-held digital devices – and in several subjects (science and geography as well as design & technology). The web-based nature of the portfolios has subsequently enabled us to develop a radical new assessment methodology based on Thurstone pairs-wise comparisons. The methodology enables far higher reliability than is possible with conventional assessment approaches for portfolios. We are negotiating the replication of this work in parallel projects elsewhere – including West Australia.

Publications and research outputs


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Conference or Workshop Item

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Book Section

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