Fair Game Launch - Presentations


At the launch of Fair Game, the Gambling in Europe team were joined by esteemed academics Peter Adams (University of Auckland), Mark Petticrew, and Justin Parkhurst (both London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) who each gave a paper. You can view excerpts from their presentations in the Fair Game launch film and view the launch photos.

Find below the full audio recordings and accompanying literature from Peter Adams, Justin Parkhurst and Rebecca Cassidy's respective papers, alongside audio from the two lively discussion sessions.

PowerPoint resources

Peter Adams (University of Auckland)
Gambling research funding, ethics and conflicts of interest.

Download Entagled Integrity (PowerPoint download)

Justin Parkhurst (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)
Evidence in Health Policy.


 PDF reports

Download Values & the Politics of Evidence (PDF download)

Download  Framing, ideology and evidence: Uganda's HIV success (PDF download)

Download Understanding the correlations between wealth, poverty and HIV (PDF download)

Rebecca Cassidy (Goldsmiths, University of London)

Fair Game: Introducing the Goldsmiths Report.

Fair Game Presentation


Download Fair Game: Producing Gambling Research (PDF download)

Discussion sessions

Part one of a discussion of gambling research funding between Steve Donoghue, Marc Etches (RGT), Matt Zarb Cousins (CFG), Jim Orford (Gambling Watch), Peter Adams (University of Auckland), Rebecca Cassidy (Goldsmiths) and Jonathan Wolff (UCL and RGT). 

Part two of the discussion. Also includes contributions from Eddie Chan (CNHLC), Gary Fooks (Bath), Heather Wardle (NatCen), David Miers (RGSB), Liz Karter (Level Ground Therapy) and Adrian Scarfe (Gamcare). At the 22:00 minute mark Jim Orford (Gambling Watch) sums up the discussion and urges us all to 'clean up our act'.