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Our commitment

An understanding of sustainability is fundamental to holistic learning. We acknowledge that protection of our environment is an integral part of good and sustainable institutional practice. 

We recognise that Goldsmiths can contribute towards environmental protection and conservation by improving our environmental practices, and promoting awareness of both corporate and individual responsibility to all students and staff.

As a result, we’ve resolved continually improve in how we measure and minimise our environmental impact.

Our aims

  • Reduce consumption and costs whilst satisfying Goldsmiths need for energy and water.
  • Integrate environmental and sustainable principles into the College’s operational procedures and promote best practice at every level.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of the College through better management of its material resources.
  • Continually improve our environmental performance wherever practicable. 

To find out more about our commitments, and to read our policies, contact the Greening department.



Making a difference


Located across campus are hundreds of black and white dual recycling bins that accept all streams of waste. Waste can be disposed of properly in the recycling bins by following these simple recycling rules. There are several drinking water fountains located across campus too.

Recycling in Halls of Residence
Recycling waste from halls of residences (Loring Hall, Batavia Mews and Dean House) follows Lewisham Council's Recycling rules with each of the buildings having recycling bins in place. At the end of the autumn and summer terms, three large recycling bins are placed in the Loring Hall quadrant where departing students can donate good quality, clean clothing and shoes, bedding, kitchen utensils, liquid soaps and detergents as well as unopened packets of food.
The contents of each bin are then sorted and donated to local charities. Volunteers who help with the sorting are invited to as many of the items home as they can carry and typically leave with bags of great quality everyday items.  

Here are the answers to recycling questions about reycling we get asked the most:

Can I recycle Tetrapack?

Yes, but please ensure it is rinsed and empty first.

Can rinsed dirty food containers be placed it in the recycling side of the bin?


What if the paper is soiled with something like coffee, can I still recycle it?

No, only dry, unsoiled paper can be recycled.

What if my food packaging is only slightly soiled?

Then it can go in the recycling side of the bin.

Can I at least recycle the coffee cup lids?

Yes, and the cardboard heat strap too, so long as it’s not wet or soiled.

Can plastic milk containers be recycled and do they need to be rinsed?

Yes, but they don’t need to be spotless, so long as there isn’t any milk left in them.

What about hand paper towels /kitchen towels?

No, these cannot be recycled.

Plastic cups and cutlery – do they need to be rinsed and which bin?

Yes, these items can go in the recycling section of the bin and yes a quick rinse would help- but is not essential.

What about clothes and shoes?

There is a cow bin located at the intersection of St. James Road and New Cross Road that takes both. There is also a charity shop on New Cross Road across from Deptford Town Hall.

How do I dispose of electronic waste?

Goldsmiths has a WEE-Store on site.
Please contact n.hogan ( if you need your electronic waste disposed of.


Commuting to Campus
Taking the bus, train, bike or walking will get you to Goldsmiths without costing you a fortune or costing the earth. Find out how the best ways to travel to campus.

At Goldsmiths, we’ve made significant provisions for cyclists on campus. We now have showering facilities, bike lockers and more than 320 secure, bike parking spaces.

All food sold and served on campus is seasonal, locally and ethically sourced and whose producers are paid a fair price for their products. There are 100's of products for sale at Goldsmiths that bear the Fairtrade logo, so rest assured your money is going to the person who most deserves it.

Volunteers are always needed to help maintain our green spaces on campus. You’ll typically be helping with the planting of seeds and bulbs, weeding and pruning. Interested? Contact n.hogan (

Social Media
Details of all our events are posted on our Greening Goldsmiths Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Accounts. 

Our latest projects

Find out more about our latest projects.

Read our Environmental and Sustainability Policy 2009 (PDF).

Contact us

Nicola Hogan, Space, Environment & Sustainability Officer, n.hogan (, 020 7919 7112

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