Special Collections guides



SC music leaflet (PDF)

A.L. Lloyd Collection and Archive (Folk and traditional, worldwide) 
Book Catalogue (Collection codes LL and LLO) / Archive Catalogue

Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger Collection (Folk and traditional, UK and Eire)
Book & Score Catalogue (Collection codes MCC and MCCO and MCCS)

Allan Bush Collection (Eastern European folk and art music)
Collection code BUSH

Collection of The Centre for Russian Music

Alexander Ivashkin-Alfred Schnittke Archive
Scores catalogue
Books catalogue
DVD/VHS catalogue
CD catalogue
Other Non-English Sources catalogue

Daphne Oram (1925-2003) Archive (Electronic musician)
Archive catalogue Archival recordings list
Website: Daphne Oram Archive website

Dennis Stevens Collection (On Claudio Monteverdi)
Collection code STEVE

Elizabeth Barnard (1906-2003) Archive (Music educationalist)

Kenneth A. Gourlay Collection (folk and traditional music, Africa)
Archive catalogue
Recordings on British Library Sounds

WRPM: Women's Revolutions Per Minute Recordings of music performed, composed and produced by women; an administrative archive of feminist distribution and promotion business.

Art and Design

The Women's Art Library (MAKE)
Archive catalogue Women's Art Library/MAKE

Women of Colour Index 1985-1995 (WOCI)
Information on individual Black women artists working in the UK as well as key exhibitions that took place during the late 1980s and early 1990s
Artists within The Women of Colour Index

Artists' books showcase
Collection code SHOWS, in Special Collections reading room

Angus Fairhurst collection
Angus Fairhurst bibliography
Collection code FAIR, Special Collections

MFA Art Writing Archive (2010- )

Art Department degree show catalogues (1979-2011)

Creative Curating MA Archive (1996-2002) project documentation from the first curating MA at Goldsmiths

Contemporary art files
Archive catalogue

Nimarkoh Indent Archive (Artists' magazines, comics and newspapers)

Bank ephemera collection (Flyers, cards and press releases by the artists' group Bank)
Archive catalogue

Engage (Resource library from Engage, the National Association for Gallery
Engage List
Website: Engage Resource Library

Engaged Magazine Archive
also Engaged web archive

Textile Collection and Constance Howard Gallery
in Deptford Town Hall, see Textile Collection and Gallery webpages

If no link is given, please ask in Special Collections to view the collection.

Theatre, Media and Film

SC theatre leaflet PDF guide

Future Histories : Black theatre and carnival archive (1970s-2000) (Black Theatre Forum, Nitro and Motiroti) Archive catalogue Website: Future Histories

Lift Living Archive : records of The London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT), (1981-2001)
Archive catalogue Lift Living Archive (PDF)
Website: LLA

Theatre and Ireland (Microfilms of manuscripts, diaries and other items)

Terence Kelly Collection (Reports and cuttings files on radio and television broadcasting)

National Network for Arts in Health (NNAH) Collection (1985-2004), including Baron Archive of Health Care Arts

National Campaign for the Arts Archive (1985-1998)

Margot Heinemann (1913-1992) Archive

Rossell Collection (Books and other publications covering the history of world cinema)
Collection code RSL
Rossell collection leaflet
Rossell pamphlets

Thomas Collections (Books on the history of broadcasting in the UK)

Collection code THOM

Culture, society and the individual

Culture and Society collections (PDF)

Dr Albert Ellis (1913 - ) Paperson REBT

National Network for Arts in Health (NNAH) Collection (1985-2004), including Baron Archive of Health Care Arts

National Campaign for the Arts Archive (1985-1998)

Richard Hoggart (1918- ) Papers (relating to his work on external committees during his period as Warden of Goldsmiths College from 1976 to 1984)

Margot Heinemann (1913-1992) Archive

Paris Commune Collection
collected by Adrian Rifkin

Vic Seidler, Ben Gidley and Andrew Goodman's papers on late 20th-century society and social movements

Goldsmiths College Archive

Archive catalogue

William Loring Papers (1865-1915) (personal correspondence, photos and other documents of William Loring, first Warden of Goldsmiths, chiefly while deployed during the First World War)

The College Publications Collection pamphlets published under the Goldsmiths imprint, inaugural lectures etc.

The College Collection historic book collections of Goldsmiths college and its constituent bodies

A selection of items from the Goldsmiths Archive has been digitised, including Annual Reports and Prospectuses of the Art School.