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The Women's Art Library (MAKE)

The Women's Art Library began as an artists' initiative and continued to run a membership scheme for women artists for 20 years. The scheme encouraged women artists to document their work and deposit slides and any other information to form a unique resource.

Individuals and groups came to see these files as dedicated spaces for their work in a public setting. The documentation typically included slides, CV, a written statement, exhibition information, catalogues, invitations and press reviews. However the Women's Art Library also collected audio and videotapes, CD-Roms, books and photographs.

Women artists continue to donate unique material today. Goldsmiths, University of London is eager to maintain the active development of the Women's Art Library (MAKE) special collection with the same commitment as its donor, MAKE, the organisation of women in the arts.

Donating art documentation

All types of documentation - from the digital to the handwritten artist statement - are welcomed as the collection is as interested in the myriad forms of art documentation as the artist herself. 

There are two downloadable forms which should accompany what you send.

  • The Artist's Documentation Form helps us set up a catalogue entry for your work. I must have this form returned in order to describe your work accurately.
  • The Artist's Authorisatio Form is not obligatory but allows researchers to photocopy from the documentation you send for educational purpose only. This authorization form does not allow the Women’s Art Library – Make to negotiate any copyright issues on the artist’s behalf.

If Women’s Art Library - Make is approached for permission to reproduce your work we would always contact you as the artist and copyright holder. This is why we need to have your most up to date or reliable contact details.  

The Women’s Art Library – Make is open to independent researchers as well as academics and students and we certainly welcome visits from artists, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to make use of these resources.


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