Researcher filming for fieldwork.

Centre for Visual Anthropology

A platform for doing anthropology by other means

— Dr Marrero Guillamon filming the Tindaya mountain in Fuerteventura. Events calendar
— Dr Marrero Guillamon filming the Tindaya mountain in Fuerteventura.

Inside the department

Research Projects

Discover the latest research from the Centre for Visual Anthropology.

Goldsmiths’ Department of Anthropology has a history of being at the forefront of developments in anthropology and visual practice.

The Centre of Visual Anthropology (CVA) emerged out of the department’s commitment to innovation in the discipline and offers a platform for staff and students to experiment with visual theory and ethnographic form. It fosters opportunities to learn from local and international artists, anthropologists, curators and filmmakers whose work offers ways to think through creative and practice-based research.  Members of the CVA work in a variety of media such as photography, film and multi modal forms that can be showcased as exhibitions or online platforms. 

The CVA hosts various events throughout the year including public screenings, exhibitions, talks and workshops. The CVA also supports students, staff and anthropologists, artists and filmmakers in the greater London community in their practice-based, creative research endeavours.  

Staff and students involved in the CVA are involved in our MA in Visual Anthropology (MAVIS) and our innovative and unique BA Anthropology of Visual Practice (BAVIS).

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