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Centre for Research Architecture

Notions of architecture engaging with questions of culture, politics, conflict and human rights.

Visual Cultures

Inside the department

This innovative research centre brings together architects, urbanists, filmmakers, curators and other cultural practitioners from around the world to work on expanded notions of architecture that engage with questions of culture, politics, conflict and human rights.

The aim of the centre, which is part of the Department of Visual Cultures, is to give rigorous tools for urban research and practice to a variety of practitioners from various backgrounds.

The work of the centre is based upon the idea of “practice led theory”. Students will pursue individual projects and undertake research and writing that incorporate contemporary Critical Theory, Philosophy and Cultural Studies.
Rather than merely supporting the productive process of architectural constructs, this process involves itself in radical critique of its nature.

The Forensic Architecture Research Project is based in the Centre for Research Architecture here at Goldsmiths.

Research students

The third iteration of the PhD Roundtable in the Centre for Research Architecture began in the autumn of 2014 with a large intake of new doctoral students. This means that the admission of additional PhD students in years 2015-17 will be very limited. Of current interest to the Centre are dissertation projects dealing broadly in the areas of "radicial ecologies" and "datascapes". Please address any enquiries to

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