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Participant Panel

The APRU is often in need of volunteers to assist with our ongoing research. We greatly appreciate your time and help, without which our research would simply not be possible. If you sign up using the form below, we will contact you with details of studies in which you might be interested as they arise.

Some of our research can be conducted at a distance or in mutually convenient locations, but we do often conduct studies which require willing participants to come into Goldsmiths. In these instances we usually cover reasonable travel costs, while many of our experiments also include a cash reward or other incentives. Some of our current projects can be found from the research pages.

If you wish to find out about our research and results, please subscribe using the form below. Your details will be held securely by the APRU and only used to make contact regarding our research and work. We will not inundate you with messages, nor will we sell your details. A series of FAQ's are also listed below.


What happens to my information?

The details you provide for the Participant Panel ensure that we are able to contact you about new research projects as they arise. We will generally provide details about projects to all members of the Participant Panel but if you submit additional details and preferences after subscribing, we may also contact you about projects you might find particularly interesting. If you wish to update your profile information, this can be done by sending an email with your new preferences to apru ( The information will be held securely and only accessed by the APRU researchers who will send you updates. No information will ever be passed to third-parties.

Can I obtain the results of a particular study?

The British Psychological Society has published ethical guidelines which state that all participants should be permitted the opportunity to have access to the results of any studies to which they have contributed, once concluded. These guidelines should be followed by all BPS registered institutions and individuals. The results and final report will often be made available on our Publications page, but if you are particularly interested in the results of a study, please contact us and we will ensure you are given a copy when appropriate.

Can I withdraw from the Participant Panel?

Yes, you can absolutely withdraw from the panel should you wish. If you wish to withdraw, please use the 'Unsubscribe' option above or email apru ( and we will ensure your details are removed from our database and that you are no longer contacted.